Siblings of BTS Band Members

Meet The Siblings of BTS Band Members | Brothers and Sisters of the 7 Sensational Band Members

If you didn’t already know, then let me tell you that every member of the BTS band has at least one sibling. Learn more about siblings of BTS Band Members in this article.

What is furthermore intriguing is that some of them are successful as well. So, taking that into consideration, let me break down all the info that I have on the siblings of my and yours too, favorite K-pop band BTS. 

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BTS is undeniably the most loved and admired K-pop band in the whole world, and no one can disagree on this with me. Even if you hate them, this might sound like a hard pill to swallow, but you cannot deny that. 

Adding to their fame, there are some people out there who are either unaware or intrigued to find out what the siblings of these boys look like. So, if you’re one of those new fans, you are at the right place. 

The Siblings of BTS Band Members

Here’s a list of the siblings of the band members, what I know about them, and what the members themselves have shared so far. 

Name of the band memberNumber of Siblings Name 
J Hope 01 (Sister)Jung Ji Woo
Jin 01 (Brother)Kim Seok Jung 
RM01 (Sister)Kim Kyung Min 
Suga01 (Brother) Min Jun Ki
JungKook 01 (Brother)Jeon Jung Hyun 
V02 (A Brother and a Sister)Kim Jong Gyu and Kim Eun Jin
Jimin01 (Brother)Park Ji Hyun

The Band Members and Their Siblings

While some of the siblings of the band members have stayed away from the spotlight, there are a few who are not that shy. Some of these siblings are highly active on social media showering all the love they have for their siblings. 

Also, the band members are not too open about the talks of their family or siblings, but there have been times when they recall them on camera. Adding to that, there have been a lot of new photos that have surfed up on the internet that definitely showcase the affection and loves these boys have for their siblings. 

So, here there’s a list of all the siblings of the BTS band members that I am aware of. 

J Hope 

Number of Siblings- 01 (Sister)

Name- Jung Ji Woo 

J Hope has one sibling, Jung Ji Woo, and she is as gorgeous as J Hope himself. I personally think it’s all about the family genes. 

Also, J Hope is the only member of the band to have an older sister next to him. Adding to that, Jung Ji is the most well-known sibling among all the seven members’ siblings. That is major because Jung Ji Woo is an influencer herself. 

image 1
Source: Instagram@7hobseok

Jung is four years older than J Hope, yet if you will see her, she looks so young that it is nearly impossible to tell that she is in her early thirties. Both the siblings share a rather close and warm bond with each other. 

You can find her on Instagram with her username @mejiwoo103, and let me tell you; she is doing pretty great in her own field. She is already a star without her brother’s influence. Jung Ji has 10.8 million followers on IG. 

She is basically a celebrity in the fashion world, and if you would check her Instagram page, you are going to agree with me. 


Number of Siblings- 01 (Brother)

Name- Kim Seok Jung 

Jin has one brother as his sibling, and he is older than Jin. Kim Seok Jung’sJung’s age is yet to be disclosed but let me tell you, they look a lot similar. I mean, if you will see their photos while they were quite young, you cannot actually believe that they aren’t twins. 

Both the brothers share a great bond, and Jin has also stated that he has always been supportive of all his dreams to pursue a career in singing. 

image 4
Source: Instagram@same.er1332

You can find Kim Seok on Instagram under the username @kimbutter_daddy, which he changed as BTS’BTS’ Butter song was going to come out.

Recently in 2020, Kim Seok got married, and Jin and the other band members were there at the wedding ceremony. In fact, Jin was the master of the ceremony(MC) for his brother. 

Now talking of the profession he works in, Kim Seok, along with Jin, has a restaurant of their own in the capital city of South Korea, Seoul. 

Also, if you didn’t already know, the brothers come from a well-known and established family.  


Number of Siblings- 01 (Sister)

Name- Kim Kyung Min 

The next BTS band member’s sibling I am going to mention is RM. Did you know RM has a younger sister, and he is one of the two members to have a younger sister as a sibling? 

Kim Kyung Min is around three years younger than RM. She was born in 1997, which is nearly the same year as JungKook. 

image 2
Source: Insta@bts_ocean_007

Although, very little is known about her as RM rarely shares any information about her, probably to keep her away from unwanted gossip or fame. In fact, there is just one picture of Kim Kung that is there on the internet. 

In one of the interviews, RM has mentioned that he would like Jimin, out of all the band members, to meet his sister the most. Adding to that, RM had once shared a screenshot of their conversation’s screenshot, where Kim Kyung had mentioned about her English exam that went well. RM was really excited and proud of her. 

So, based on these two major factors, I am judging that both the siblings are extremely close to one another, and RM is really and fiercely protective of her existence. 


Number of Siblings- 01 (Brother)

Name- Min Jun Ki

Let me start by telling you that SUGA is the youngest member of the family. He has an older brother by his side, Min Jun Ki, but he is also known as Min Geum Jae. 

Again very little is known about SUGA’sSUGA’s brother as the fans have rarely heard him speaking of his brother in public interviews. Although what I do know is that he was born in 1989, which makes Min Jun nearly four years older than SUGA. 

image 5
Source: Instagram@same.er1332

Min Jun also had an Instagram handle of his own under the username @goldjay89, but it was rumored to be deactivated for some reason. However, when I checked recently, I found some similar accounts with that username that claim to be SUGA’s brother. 

But, somehow, I am not convinced if that actually is his official account. 

Adding to all that, Min Jun has been a part of SUGA’sSUGA’s first mixtape track Agust D. Also, if you have listened to the track Skit, you can probably figure out his voice while he and Suga are having a conversation in a cafe. 

Apart from all this, I think that these brothers share a really good and close relationship with one another. The basis I am stating is because when Suga was going through his shoulder surgery, Min Jun had kept us all updated with his treatment and recovery. 


Number of Siblings- 01 (Brother)

Name- Jeon Jung Hyun 

JungKook has a brother who is older than him but is as gorgeous and smart as him. Although no one is actually sure of how old he is from JungKook, one thing that the fans and even you will agree about him too is that he is a great artist. 

Jeon used to share his artwork on his Instagram page before he deactivated it. His works were mainly doodles of BTS band members; apart from that, he also used to share all sorts of digital drawings, animated videos of the band, and even fan arts.

image 3
Source: Instagram@_bangtan_diaries__

Also, based on how he draws and portrays some of his artworks, one can easily assume that Jeon Jung has a really good sense of humor, and he is a fun person to be around. 

It was also rumored that Jeon Jung had opened firm manufacturing accessories and clothing brands. But there is yet to be any assurance on that, and adding further, there aren’t even any photographs surfaced on the internet yet. 

Talking of his current status, Jeon Jung Hyun is currently enrolled in a military academy. I personally think both brothers share a great friendship and bond together. 

Number of Siblings- 02 (Brother and a Sister) 

Name- Kim Jong Gyu and Kim Eun Jin

V is the only BTS Member with two siblings, and both of them are younger than him. He has a brother named Kim Jong Gyu and a sister named Kim Eun Jin both. 

There’s nothing much that anyone knows of both these siblings of his, but by the way, V mentions them every time the topic comes up; I can certainly tell that he loves them both and misses them as well. V always gets emotional talking about both his siblings. 


Number of Siblings- 01 ( Brother)

Name- Park Ji Hyun

Jimin is one among the two BTS band members to have a younger brother as a sibling. Apart from that, not much is known about him either. Park Ji Hyun has once showed up in a video blog that Jimin was shooting in Busan. 

Apart from this, he has also shared pictures of his younger brother over the internet while they both were young. It seems both the brothers share a good relationship, and there is love and warm affection between them. 

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