Siblings Of ITZY’s Members

All About Siblings Of ITZY’s Members | Do All 6 Members Have Brothers Or Sisters?

Want to know more about the siblings of ITZY’s members? Check out  my article! Find out who is the Yeji brother and older sister and what is Ryujin’s older brother’s name!

ITZY, a K-pop girl group, has had numerous successful singles and topped the South Korean album charts since 2019. 

ITZY started as one of the K-pop industry’s monster rookies after making its debut with one of the Big Threes in 2019. 

ITZY is a JYP Entertainment girl group made up of five members. The members of this group are Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna. 

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Before coming together, the girls each underwent their path. The girls’ years-long efforts have finally paid off after going through several survival shows, auditions, parental approval, and years of training.

The fearless and self-assured five have established themselves as the classic girl crush since their rookie years. 

They’ve always taken the female crush idea to the next level, offering uplifting messages of self-love, confidence, and refusing to let others define you, in addition to their distinctively strong music and aesthetic.

Siblings Of ITZY’s Members
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ITZY’s fan base is always expanding, so people are interested in anything the girls are involved with. 

From wanting to know what the ITZY Kpop group are to wanting to learn more about their families, curiosity is prevalent. 

At the same time, the fandoms have the knowledge and tools necessary to look into the current events in ITZY. 

On the internet, much information is dispersed, making it challenging to find. Here is everything you need to know about ITZY’s siblings online.

Siblings of ITZY’s Members


ryujin older brother name
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Yeji, the group leader, was born in Seoul but spent his childhood in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do. Her family comprises her mother, father, and older sister. 

While little is known about her older sister’s qualifications, Hwang Ye Ju married in 2020. The members of ITZY attended Yeju’s wedding ceremony on July 11, 2020, where everyone was smiling with joy. 

While the other members worked on a congratulations video, Yeji hosted her sister’s wedding and expressed her good wishes through her speech. 

is niki and yeji siblings
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Yeji’s full name is Hwang Yeji. She did her cameo in a tvN drama in the year 2015. Yeji worked in “Survival Show” before joining JVP entertainment. 

In January 2019, she became part of the line-up of JYP Entertainment‘s new girl group. As per the audience review, Yeji isn’t the best dancer, but she is a great performer. 

She has a lightning aura and energy. She is best at facial expressions, and her duality makes her perfect.


The girl group’s lead vocalist is Choi Ji Su, also known as Lia. Incheon, South Korea, is where she was born. 

The idol is not only the oldest girl in the group but also the oldest child in her family. The only person in the group who has a younger brother is Lia. 

He goes by the name of Junsu, born in 2004—four years after Lia, born in 2000. In public, not much is known about her brother. 

lia itzy siblings
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The youngest brother, however, is reportedly extremely proud of his noon and frequently speaks well of her, according to a fan’s cousin who attends the same school as Jun Su. Lia is often known by the name Honey Lia. 

Lia went to International School, the SOPA Department of Practical Music. Lia enrolled in the JYP girl organization in January 2019. Lia has most of the attire in baby blue colour. Her leisure activity includes shopping. 


Shin Ryu Jin is also known as Ryujin from ITZY. The second-oldest member of the girl group and the lead dancer. But in her family, she is a maknae

The only person in the group who has an elder brother is Ryujin. Aside from the fact that he is three years older than her and joined the military in 2020, not much is known about him. 

The idol does not frequently bring up her brother publicly because she respects his privacy. 

how many siblings does yeji have
Source: Instagram@ryur_yujin

During the “Dalla Dalla” phase, she shared a photo with him, but she covered his face with an emoji. Ryujin is the primary rapper of ITZY. MIXNINE is a survival reality show where Ryujin showed her presence. 

Ryujin once attended a college celebration at her brother’s school. Her older brother appears to attend Korea University, one of the SKY universities, based on the colour of their clothing.


Lee Chae Ryeon is well-known under her stage name Chaeryeong. She is the girl group’s primary dancer. 

Since she has an older sister named Lee Chae Yeon, Chaeryeon is the middle kid at home. The Chaesis sister duo, also known as Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong Lee, have a year-old gap between them. A second idol, Lee Chae Yeon, was a part of the bands IZ*ONE and Woman Street Fighter.

Recently, Chaeryeong and Chaeyeon shared some heartfelt remarks regarding one another in an interview. “Compared to me, Chaeryeong is much more serene and tranquil.

She responds well to anything I do or say, which I like. She definitely shines on stage, in my opinion. She has lovely lines and an expressive face.” When asked about her sister, Chaeyeon revealed.

“Even in her personal life, she is a lot of fun. She has a unique brand of innocence and is quite humorous. She has a contagious giggle and is very energizing to those around her “. Chaeryeong stated when it was her turn to speak about her sister.

They also disclosed that they both have similar aspirations, including a desire to maintain their health and advance their art.

Chaeryeong has a younger sister. Chae Min, born in 2004 and three years younger than Chaeryeon, is a gifted singer and dancer like her older siblings. 

She is the sub vocalist, main dancer and sub rapper of ITZY. Park Jin Young appreciated her dancing skills after her appearance in K-Pop Star Season 3. To support the disabled group, she learnt sign languages as well.


hwang siblings
Source: Instagram@yuna.itzy

And finally comes the maknae of the group, Yuna. Shin Yu Na is better known by her stage name Yuna. The idol is the group’s primarily visual. Yuna was born in the South Korean city of Suwon. 

She is famous among youth because she gained fame at a very young age of 15. Yuna is the maknae in her family and has an older sister. However, not much is known about her, like Ryujin’s older brother. 

However, Yuna once stated in an interview that her sister is a huge admirer of BTOB and that it was certainly while she was accompanying her sibling to the KBS Gayo Daejun 2015 that a JYP Entertainment representative noticed her. 

She is often addressed with the name of “Living Barbie” because she made her comeback in blonde hair. The audience found her very mature and made her very popular after the comeback. 

yuna sister itzy
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FAQs on Siblings of ITZY Members

yeji older sister
Source: Instagram@yeji.ltzy

What model of a smartphone does ITZY carry?

Yeji: iPhone 12 Pro Graphite
Lia: iPhone 12 Black
Ryujin: iPhone 11 Pro Max Space Grey
Chaeryeong: iPhone XR White 
Yuna: iPhone 12 Pro Graphite 

Has ITZY undergone plastic surgery?

ITZY has not undergone plastic surgery as of yet, according to the reports.

Is ITZY planning a tour for next year?

ITZY formally confirmed their plans for a comeback in July at midnight KST on June 2, followed by their first-ever globe tour. ITZY will start its first world tour, popularly known as “CHECKMATE,” the following month with two nights of concerts in Seoul. The international tour will start in October.

 Can ITZY members communicate in English?

All ITZY’s members can speak English. To communicate with fans worldwide, all acquired it in their unique ways. Due to her extended residence in Canada, Lia speaks English the most effortlessly of the group.

What does the name “ITZY” actually mean?

The meaning of the word ITZY is, “You have everything we need, right? Of course” (In Korean, ITZY means “to own”).
It incorporates the meaning of English letters, such as ‘it,’ which refers to a specific thing, as well as the meaning of ‘to have,’ which emphasizes that it’s a girl group with all the charms that girl groups are meant to have.

How old are the members of ITZY?

Yeji: 22 Years
Lia: 22 Years
Ryujin: 21 Years
Chaeryeong: 21 Years
Yuna: 18 Years

 What height is ITZY? 

Yeji: 167 cm
Lia: 162 cm
Ryujin: 164 cm
Chaeryeong: 168 cm
Yuna: 170 cm

Is there a dating prohibition on ITZY?

 Yes. All JYP performers must abide by the prohibition against dating following their debut until three years of continuous activity.

 When did ITZY make their debut?

 MIDZY or ITZY is a South Korean girl group that gained fame in 2019. The ITZY debut date is February 12, 2019. After being introduced by JYP Entertainment, the group quickly rose to fame and became quite well-known.

Who is the brightest sibling in ITZY? 

 Yeji is the one in the group ace of ITZY. Yeji is the one in the group ace of ITZY.

who is yeji brother
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