Top ski resorts in South Korea

5 Ski Resorts In South Korea To Visit During Your Vacation 2023 | A Complete Skiing Guide

If you’re vacationing in Seoul, you’ve got to visit these ski resorts in South Korea. From the Muju ski resort to the Yongpyong, you can ski to your heart’s content even if you’re a beginner. 

South Korea is emerging as one of the best destinations for skiing, especially since the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. 

In fact, it’s one of the best places to go skiing if you’re a beginner. 

The snow used in these resorts is artificial snow (that’s these resorts function even in the summer months of March and April!), so it won’t be anything like going skiing in Japan or Switzerland. 

But this is actually a good thing if you’re still learning to balance yourself and haven’t got a knack for skiing yet. 

No there aren’t any ski resorts in Seoul itself. But most of them are really close by and wouldn’t take a day’s trip. And there are buses, trains and well-connected roads to lead you there if you chose to drive.

So without further ado, let me list out the best ski resorts in South Korea that you can visit. 

Ski Resorts In South KoreaDistance From Seoul Best Months To Visit
Yongpyong Ski Resort150kmLate November – Late March
Vivaldi Park Ski Resort90kmLate November – Late February
Muju Deogyusan Resort200kmAll Year Round
High1 Ski Resort170kmLate November – April
Konjiam Ski Resort 40kmAll Year Round

Top Ski Resorts In South Korea 2022

Yongpyong Ski Resort 

  • Location –  Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do
  • Distance From Seoul – 150km (3 Hours)
  • Height Of The Peak – 738 m
  • Number Of Ski Lifts – 11 Ski Lifts
  • Number Of Slopes – 28
  • Length Of The Longest Slope  – 5600m

If we’re talking about ski resorts in South Korea, you have to mention Yongpyong resort! It was, after all, the location of the 2018 winter Olympics.

Yongpyong is also the largest ski resort in Korea with over 28 peaks you can try out. There’s something for both amateurs and experts here. 

Those who are just beginning to ski can try out the Mega Green route while professional skiers can try the Rainbow Paradise. 

What I liked most about Yongpyong when I visited it is that if offers a complete package. If you don’t want to ski or get tired of it, you can take a ride in the Gondola to Dragon’s Peak, a beautiful scenic part of the resort.

There’s also a children’s theme park, a sauna, fitness center, karaoke center, billiards room, bowling alley and other fun activities to keep you interested. So it’s the perfect vacation destination.

The only drawback is that this ski resort is around a 3 hour drive from Seoul and is the farthest from it in terms of distance. 

Oh, and K-drama fans will be thrilled to note that the sweet romantic scenes between Kim Shin and Eun-Tak were filmed in this ski resort.

What I Liked

  • It provides a good experience for practised and professional skiers

What I Disliked 

  • This ski resort is the farthest from Seoul 

Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

  • Location – Hongcheon, Gangwon-do
  • Distance From Seoul – 90km (2 hours)
  • Height Of The Peak – 310m
  • Number Of Ski Lifts – 11 Ski Lifts
  • Number Of Slopes – 12 Slopes
  • Length Of The Longest Slope  – 900m 
vivaldi ski resort

Vivaldi Park is one of the biggest ski resorts in South Korea! So if you’re looking for state-of-the-art skiing facilities and highly trained instructors, this is it.  

But if you’re more interested in having a peaceful time skiing, then you might have to compromise. Due to the popularity of this resort, it gets more than 20,000 visitors each day. 

And the number only increases at the weekends!

The Vivaldi Ski Park enjoys this fame as it’s probably the closest ski resort to Seoul. So naturally, it’s the perfect place for families looking for a weekend getaway. 

But you can see a lot of young people and teens skiing here too! The ski resort offers something called the “Midnight Ski” experience which is very popular with college students.

You don’t have to worry about being a ski expert to go to Vivaldi. It has 12 slopes and each caters to a different degree of skill set. (1 expert slope, 4 advanced slopes, 5 for intermediate level skiers, and 2 for the novices!)

My favorite part about this ski resort? The Snowy Land theme park, consisting of special winter slopes and winter-themed rides and attractions. It’s very popular with kids, but millennials like me can get a kick out of it too. 

The best time to visit this resort is during the winter months between late November and early February. 

If you, like me don’t like crowds, I’d suggest going in early March. You might, however, miss out on the Snowy Land experience as it’ll close by that time. 

What I Liked:

  • It’s great for both couples and families 

What I Disliked 

  • It gets very crowded on weekends 

Muju Deogyusan Resort

  • Location – Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do
  • Distance From Seoul – 200km (3 Hours)
  • Height Of The Peak – 884 m
  • Number Of Ski Lifts – 13 Ski Lifts 
  • Number Of Slopes – 28 Slopes
  • Length Of The Longest Slope  – 4300m
best ski resorts korea
Source: kto_Singapore

Living in South Seoul? Then you’ve to check out the Muju Deogyusan resort. When it comes to size, it’s right up there with Yongpyong! But like Yongpyong it’s also at a considerable distance from the city. 

The region (Jeollabuk-do) where Muju Ski Resort is located tends to be warmer in climate year-round, so most of the snow used here is artificial. 

So while the resort might not offer you natural scenery like the Dragon’s Peak in Yongpyong, it will offer you crowd-free snowboarding during the summer months!

What I Liked

  • Easily accessible for people living in South Seoul
  • It will stay open for the summer months as it uses artificial snow

What I Disliked 

  • Relies on artificial snow as it’s located in a warmer region

High1 Ski Resort

  • Location – Jeongseon
  • Distance From Seoul – 170km (3-4.5 Hours)
  • Height Of The Peak – 677m
  • Number Of Ski Lifts – 11 Ski Lifts
  • Number Of Slopes – 18 Slopes
  • Length Of The Longest Slope  – 2300m
south korea ski resorts map
Source: high1_resort

High1 Ski Resort is the “hidden gem” of ski resorts in South Korea. In terms of size, it matches Yongpyong. But as it doesn’t enjoy the former’s level of fame, it’s relatively less crowded.

So if you’re looking for a peaceful weekend getaway this is it. Let me warn you, it’s quite a drive to get there, despite the relative closeness to Seoul.  It might take you a 3-4 hours drive due to the roads. 

But if you’re up for a road trip with family or friends, High1 is the perfect destination to end up in. 

If you are a pro at skiing you can try your hand at conquering the Baekunsan Mountain peak which is located at a height of 1,340 m!

And if you are looking for something more suited to beginners, there is a series of interconnected peaks and chairlifts so you can ski and visit the peaks you want. 

Oh and my favorite part? The revolving restaurant that offers you a 360 panoramic view of the Taebaeksan and the Naejangsan mountain ranges.

What I Liked

  • Not much crowding in queues due to diversity in slopes and services offered

What I Disliked 

  • Despite the shorter distance, there is no direct route to High1 so it takes longer to get there

Konjiam Ski Park

  • Location – Docheok-myeon, Docheogwit-ro
  • Distance From Seoul – 40km (45 Minutes – 1 Hour)
  • Height Of The Peak – 400m
  • Number Of Ski Lifts – 5 Ski Lifts
  • Number Of Slopes – 11
  • Length Of The Longest Slope  – 1400m
best ski resort in korea for beginners

If you’re an impatient person and do not like crowded areas, you should check out Konjian ski resort.

It’s also my favorite for a quick weekend getaway as I can reach there in a 45-minute drive.

And the best part? The ski park limits its visitors to 7000 a day, so you won’t have to wait for more than 15 minutes for a chairlift!

It mainly uses artificial snow, so the resort is open all year round. 

What I Liked

  • Closest to Seoul and very little travel time
  • Less crowded than the more popular resorts

What I Disliked 

  • Small resort with limited features and slopes
  • Parking spots are at a distance from the slopes so you’ll have to walk a bit

Is snowboarding in Korea famous?

No, but it’s definitely gaining popularity! Snowboarding is a relatively new sport in Korea, but there’s no doubt that its growing in popularity. There are several resorts (as I’ve listed above) that offer beginner lessons as well as advanced classes for those who want to learn more about this fun and challenging sport.
In addition to snowboarding, there are also ski slopes available where you can experience some of the best skiing in Asia.

Why is snowboarding so popular in South Korea?

People’s opinions on snowboarding in Korea will vary depending on their personal experience and opinion. However, many seem to enjoy the varied terrain and scenery that Seoul has to offer, while others appreciate the challenging slopes and tight turns. Some even report being blown away by the level of professionalism displayed by those behind the scenes – from racing professionals downto instructors waiting at lift lines! In any case, if you’re ever fortunate enough to visit South Korea during wintertime (or anytime!), make sure to check out a few spots for yourself!

FAQs About The Ski Resorts In South Korea

Is skiing in Korea expensive?

Yes, skiing in Korea is more expensive than compared to Japan. But it’s still cheaper compared to the US and some European countries. If you’re going skiing in Korea, you might have to shell out anywhere between $80-$150 dollars for a one-day ticket. This will give you at least eight hours to ski and you can do it according to your convenience. 

Can you ski in Korea in March?

Yes, of course! You can definitely ski in South Korea in months like March and even April as most ski resorts use artificial snow. So you don’t have to wait for winter!

How do I get to Vivaldi Park?

Vivaldi Park is one of the top ski resorts in South Korea and is located in Hongcheon. If you’re in Seoul, you can choose either of the following routes to get to Vivaldi Ski Park. 
– Get a direct taxi to Vivaldi Park (this is going to be expensive)
– Take a subway to Wangsimni Station and book a taxi from there to Vivaldi 
– Take a subway to Gangchon Station and then book a taxi to Vivaldi Ski Resort

What to pack when visiting ski resorts in South Korea?

There are shops in ski resorts that will supply you with all that you need, but they are often very expensive. So if you’re going to a ski resort, I recommend you pack the following items.  
– Warm clothes including gloves, hats or beanies, scarves, and thick socks
– An extra pair of socks as yours can get wet in the snow
– An extra pair of clothing to change into later in the day
– Goggles and sunglasses
– Thermal underwear
– Lip balm, moisturizer, and sunscreen

You don’t have to pack your skis or poles and even jackets as the ski resorts usually provide these.

You don’t have to pack your skis or poles and even jackets as the ski resorts usually provide these. 

So there were some of the best ski resorts in South Korea! If you’re planning on going there during your Korean vacation or if you’re a diplomat planning to get to know the country better, I hope this article helped!

The best thing about these resorts is that some of them use artificial snow,  so you can visit them all year round and not just in winter.

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