Exo Chanyeol's Tattoos Special Meanings

The Special Meanings Behind Exo Chanyeol’s Tattoos | Updated 2023

Fans have always loved Exo Chanyeol’s tattoos whether it’s the arrow tattoo, the Loey tattoo or the L-1485 tattoo. But what are the special meanings behind them? Check it out here!

Kpop idols have always had to adhere to a very strict code of conduct in the past. For example they wouldn’t be allowed to get tattoos by their entertainment companies. 

The reason for this is that tattoos are associated with criminal activity in conservative South Korea. 

So most companies forbid their idols from getting tattoos as it could ruin their sweet and innocent image. 

But things are surely changing now. So you can see a lot of contemporary Kpop stars (both male and female) sporting tattoos. 

And one of these tattooed Kpop stars is Park Chanyeol from EXO!  

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There has always been a lot of speculation about the personal life of Kpop celebrities. So when Chanyeol from Exo was spotted with a lot of visible tattoos, it set tongues wagging.

All of the EXO-Ls or Eris (the name which the EXO fandom has given themselves) were wondering what all of his tattoos mean. 

I mean, at first glance these tattoos might seem random to people, but Chanyeol’s body art actually has a deeper meaning behind them. 

So to help all you Eri’s out there, I have compiled a list of all of Chanyeol’s tattoos and did a little research on them to find out what they mean. 

Exo Chanyeol’s Tattoos 

So as of 2022, Chanyeol from EXO has 5 tattoos (well, 5 visible tattoos anyway!) and here some surprising and cute meanings behind them. While South Korean courts upheld a tattoo ban recently, it’s refreshing to see Kpop idols sporting body art, as it can help remove the stigma from tattoos. So kudos to Chanyeol!

Guitar Tattoo

chanyeol guitar tattoo
Source: Instagram@sara_stans_legendss

One of the older tattoos that Chanyeol from EXO sports is a tattoo of a guitar. This tattoo is located on his right arm and is personally one of my favorites.

 It’s not a regular guitar and has a very abstract design which I find very appealing. Now there are a lot of theories on some of Chanyeol’s other tattoos but this one is quite straightforward. 

The guitar is supposed to represent his love for music. It is also supposed to be symbolic of Chanyeol’s passion and love towards being a Kpop idol. 

This is one of his most visible tattoos and also the largest one. 

Monkey Tattoo

chanyeol monkey tattoo
Source: Instagram@yeolverse

Chanyeol doesn’t just have a guitar tattoo on his right arm. On the flip side you can find a tattoo of a monkey as well!

Now there  has been a lot of speculation in Exo-L  about what the monkey tattoo could mean. But the explanation is quite a surprising and rather cute one.

The monkey tattoo is actually supposed to represent the South Korean Zodiac sign of the Year 1992 when Chanyeol  was born. 

According to the Korean Zodiac, those born under the year of the monkey are supposed to be high spirited, friendly, and good with their hands. 

And according to EXO-L’s Chanyeol  is all of these things so it fits rather well.  This is Chanyeol’s second biggest tattoo after the guitar.

Arrow Tattoo

It seems that Chanyeol is a huge believer in the zodiac. Another one of his tattoos also represents his zodiac sign  but this time it is his Western Zodiac. 

Some of you might know that an arrow is a symbol of the zodiac sign Sagittarius. And as Chanyeol  was born on the 27th of November he comes under this sign.

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are supposed to be bold,  lively, honest and fun loving.  As fans of Exo would know, Chanyeol embodies these qualities perfectly.

It is quite fitting for him to get an arrow tattoo to represent his Sagittarian qualities.

Just like his monkey tattoo and his guitar tattoo, the arrow also is attached on his right arm. It’s a simple minimalist tattoo but is definitely eye-catching. 

“Loey” Tattoo

chanyeol tattoo loey
Source: Instagram@bebebohbloo

Now this is a rather Fun tattoo. It is also a very minimalist tattoo and you can actually miss it if you’re not paying attention. 

Chanyeol has this tattoo On the middle finger of right hand so you won’t really notice that unless you’re paying attention. 

 The meaning of this tattoo is rather surprising but also kind of inspiring. It is Chanyeol’s  name spelt backwards. So the “yeol” from Chanyeol becomes  “loey”. 

Chanyeol’s name is derived from the Korean phrase Alchan Yeolmae which means “the good fruit” so EXO fans have suspected this tattoo is a sort of reminder to Chanyeol to stay true to himself. 

“L-1485″ Tattoo

l'1485 exo meaning
Source: Instagram@loeyland27

In my opinion this is one of the sweetest tattoos that Chanyeol has got. Eri’s (fans of EXO) will be very excited to know that this tattoo is actually a tribute to their fandom. 

The letter L in the tattoo stands for the EXO-Ls which is what the EXO fandom call themselves. Next come the numericals which actually represent a date. 

The numbers “1485” represent the date 5th August 2014 which is the first time the EXO-L fandom was officially created. 

The “14” is for the year 2014, “8” is for the month of August and “5” for the day of course. 

Are Kpop idols allowed to have tattoos?

Technically getting a tattoo isn’t illegal. But operating a tattoo parlor is a crime as South Korea only allows medical professionals to create tattoos. So whether Kpop idols can or cannot get a tattoo really depends on their contract with their entertainment company. 

Some have strict rules on the image they want their idols to project. So a few idols are discouraged from getting tattoos as conservative South Korea still associates them with gangsters. 

But a lot of other entertainment companies are lax with their tattoo policies, so you can see a number of idols sporting it. For example Chanyeol from EXO and Jungkook from BTS.

However, it is interesting to note that Korean television always shies away from showing tattoos on TV. So idols are often asked not to flash their tattoos during a concert or cover them up during interviews. 

Kpop idols with tattoos
Source: Instagram@_kpop.multifundom

Which Other Kpop Idols Have Tattoos?

Despite tattoos being a sort of taboo in South Korea, a lot of Kpop idols have them. And not just Chanyeol from EXO, you can see tattoos on so many other Kpop stars, both male and female.

Some of the other Kpop idols who can be seen sporting tattoos include Jungkook and Jimin from BTS, Jihnwhan from iKon, Minhyuk from Monsta X, and Johnny from NCT.

Among the Kpop ladies, Tiffany and Taeyeon from Girl’s Generation, Hwasa from Mamamoo and Hyolyn from SISTAR all have tattoos. 

FAQs about EXO’s Chanyeol

Fans are always curious about their Kpop idols, and I often get asked these questions about EXO and Chanyeol. So I’ve tried answering some of your queries below. Check it out! 

What is the meaning of Chanyeol’s tattoo L 1485?

This particular tattoo of Chanyeol is a tribute to EXO and EXO fans. The letter “L” in the tattoo is for the EXO-Ls or which is the EXO Kpop fandom name. And the numbers 1485 are a date. They are supposed to represent the date 5th August 2014 which is when the official EXO fan club was established. 

Is tattooing legal in South Korea?

Well, it’s a bit complicated. You see, a regular person cannot open a tattoo parlor or use tattoo needles; only medical professionals are allowed to do it. But getting a tattoo itself is not illegal in South Korea. 
You won’t be arrested for getting one or by simply having a tattoo. However, a few older people might give you weird looks as South Korea is still very conservative and tattoos are heavily associated with criminals and gangsters in this country. 

Is Chanyeol in the military?

Yes, Chanyeol is currently serving in the military. At least two years of military deployment is compulsory for all Korean men regardless of their profession. Chanyeol was enlisted in the military on March 21st 2021 where he soon climbed to the rank of Corporal by passing the “Special Warrior Test”. His deployment is scheduled to end on the 28th of September 2022. 

What is Chanyeol’s car?

According to sources, Chanyeol currently owns a 2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG G65 2016. This car reportedly costs about US$330,000. 

How tall is Park Chanyeol?

Park Chanyeol of EXO is reportedly 1.85m or 6 feet tall. 

Final Thoughts About EXO Chanyeol’s Tattoos

I simply love how Chanyeol uses tattoos to express himself and his feelings towards his friends and fans. 

His tattoos are simplistic yet carry so much meaning behind them. 

I’m sure it’s not just the EXO-L’s who will be impressed with Chanyeol’s cute tattoos and how they represent his love for music, his dedication to EXO, and his quest to find himself. 

So if you have been wanting to get a tattoo from some time now and also love Kpop, you now have an inspiration in Chanyeol about what designs to select.

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