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Stray Kids Felix Hair Color Evolution 2023 | Iconic Fan-Favorite Styles 

Check out Stray Kids Felix hair color evolution including Felix’s black hair, his blue hair in Domino and also learn what is Lee Felix’s natural hair color.

As a Kpop fan I love seeing my idols’ new looks with the change of every album season. 

Most fans keep waiting to discover what will be the new hairstyles, hair color, makeup aesthetic and outfits that their idols will wear. 

And the one idol that always delivers fresh new looks is Felix from Stray Kids. This fourth generation Kpop band is already on the way to stardom as we can see from Felix’s popularity.

In the past, Felix has sported hair colors like brunette, silver-blonde, lavender, and even electric blue. So you never know what he will do next. 

So I’ve decided to take you on a journey through Felix’s hair color evolution. 

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Who are Stray Kids?

Stray Kids are a fourth generation, all-boys Kpop band that comes under the entertainment company JYP Entertainment. In Korean, their name is Seuteurei kijeu which is shortened to SKZ. 

The group consists of eight members namely Lee Know, Bang Chan, Changbin, Han, Hyunjin,  Felix, I.N, and Seungmin. 

There was also a ninth member called Woojin that left the group in October 2019. 

Stray Kids first released their music in January 2018 with an EP (extended play) called “Mixtape” and then officially debuted in the Kpop scene in March 2018 with another EP called “I Am Not”. 

Stray Kids Felix Hair Color Evolution 2022

Felix is one member of Stray Kids who is known for his hair color and style as much as he’s known for his vocal and dance skills. 

He has sported many hair colors since the bands’ debut in the Kpop scene. I’ve listed out his most popular hair colors for you right below. Check it out! 

Felix Black Hair

lee felix natural hair color
Source: Instagram@realstraykids

Felix has naturally black hair which is very obvious thanks to his Korean ancestry. But he hasn’t actually shown fans a glimpse of his natural hair color until the EP “Mixtape: On Track” came out in 2020. 

Most of Stray Kids’ fans were amazed to see Felix in his natural hair color after viewing him in only unconventional styles like electric blue or dark red hair. 

Fans were used to Felix looking very stylized and playing into his Australian-born identity by sporting blonde hair or gray contacts. 

But this was the first time they saw the “real” Felix and absolutely loved it! 

Felix Red Hair

felix red hair
Source: Instagram@realstraykids

This hair color is actually a personal favorite of mine. I think Felix looked his best here! 

Felix sported this hair color in 2019 for the music video of the Stray Kids’ song Mixtape: Gone Days. 

Fans went absolutely crazy for the red hair color as it was a far departure from the usual pastel shades and natural styles sported by many Kpop idols. 

Felix Blonde Hair

Now this hair color has a really sweet history behind it. Some time in April 2021, Stray Kids did a live broadcast with fans. 

Some fans then asked Felix what his next hair color would be. Felix retorted by asking fans themselves what hair color they would like to see.

felix hairstyle name
Source: Instagram@realstraykids

A lot of fans requested for “white” or rather silver blonde hair color to which Felix replied, “…Oh, like Princess Elsa?”

This was a hilarious moment for fans who were further amazed that Felix actually took their suggestion and appeared in white-blonde hair next. 

You can see his amazing blonde hair color in the Side Effects music video. 

Felix Rose Pink Hair

In the music video for the Stray Kids’ song double knot you can see Felix sporting a dusty, rose pink hair color. 

Felix had this hair color throughout Stray Kids’ District 9: Unlock World Tour. And according to me it’s one of this best looks!

Felix Blue Hair

felix blue hair
Source: Instagram@realstraykids

Now Felix’s hair color change is sort of arbitrary. Sometimes he changes it to his liking or asks his fans for their preference as a sort of tribute to them.

But in this case Felix seemed to be changing his hair color to match the title of Stray Kids’ new song “Unveil: Blueprint”.

The theme of the album was blue. From the background of the music video to the filter used while filming and the cover page of the album. Everything has a bluish tinge to it.

So it’s not surprising that Felix’s new hair color during this era was…you guessed it, blue! 

The song was released June 17, 2020 and Felix sported the blue hair color for a next couple of months. 

Felix Lavender Hair

This is arguably one of the top three hair colors worn by Felix of Stray Kids. He appeared with this hair color prominently during the shooting and promotion of Stray Kids’ album Astronaut. 

Felix even appears in the music video for their 2019 hit single “Levanter” with this gorgeous light purple hair color. 

Felix Orange Hair

felix orange hair
Source: Instagram@realstraykids

This was Felix’s very first appearance! When Stray Kids released their pre-debut single “Hellevator”in 2017, Felix appeared to be sporting a bright, coppery hair color. 

Felix continued to sport this look even when Stray Kids’ first EP “I Am Who” was released.  

So you can say this hair color was sort of lucky for Felix as it was his first when he entered the Kpop scene.

Facts About Felix From Stray Kids

  • Real Name: Lee Felix
  • Korean Name:  Lee Yong Bok (Hangul: 이용복)
  • Birthdate: 20th September 2002
  • Age: 20 years old
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Birthplace: Sydney, Australia, 
  • Position In The Group: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper
  • Height: 171cm
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Entertainment Company: JYP Entertainment

FAQs about Stray Kids Felix Hair Color

If you want to know more about Felix’s hair color, his personal life, and other news about him or Stray Kids, I’ve tried answering a few of your frequently asked questions below. Check them out!

What color is Felix’s hair right now?

Felix is currently sporting a silver/platinum-blonde hair color. 

Does Felix wear a wig?

No, he doesn’t. All of the hair colors you see Felix sporting are done on his real hair. He doesn’t wear a wig while performing either. This is another reason why fans get really excited about which hair color Felix would choose next. 

What is Felix eye color?

Lee Felix of Stray Kids has dark brown eyes. 

What is Felix’s real name?

Felix of Stray Kids was born and raised in Sydney Australia, so his full name is Lee Felix. But he also has a Korean name which is Lee Yong Bok (Hangul: 이용복).

How old is Lee Felix?

Lee Felix of Stray Kids is currently 20 years old. He was born on the 20th of September 2002. 


Kpop artists are known for their personal style as much as they are known for their music. So it becomes extremely important for these artists to update their style frequently.

And one of the Kpop artists who’s doing a fantastic job of getting people to talk about his style is Felix from Stray Kids.

Stray Kids is a relatively new Kpop group so the popularity of Felix is very surprising but not inexplicable. 

He is known for changing his hair colors with almost every new single released by the group.

So far, Felix has sported red hair, blue hair, silver-blonde hair, lavender hair, and even a more traditional black-brunette look. So fans are always guessing what hair color he’ll be wearing next. 

What do you think Felix’s new style would look like? Stay tuned for more updates on Felix, Stray Kids and all things Kpop related!

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