SuperM For Beginners

SuperM For Beginners | Guide To This Kpop Supergroup

Who are SuperM? Get all the details in this SuperM for beginners guide including info about the SuperM variety show, games and other content!

K-pop has been around for a while now, but it’s only recently started catching on in America. 

This could be due to the rise of BTS who have had one of its most successful years here with their group discography and solo careers outside music too! 

SM Entertainment is taking advantage by creating “SuperM,” an allAmerican boy band made up mostly Americans that will specialize in Korean pop songs.

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SuperM For Beginners

Super M – Taking K-pop To The Next Level

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SuperM’s debut album and music video for “Jopping” (a portmanteau of jumping + popping) is not only a catchy tune, it also showcases the diverse talent within SM Entertainment. 

SMP combines other genres like rock or hip hop with oftentimes adding in influences such as R&B to create this unique sound that forces respect while providing intense choreography; all without sacrificing creativity!

As I stated in the introduction, not all of SM Entertainment’s music is worth checking out. 

However there are a few songs by this group that you should absolutely hear! “Jopping” off their album was one such example – its epic proportions and bangin’ beats made it impossible for me not to mention them when discussing what makes SMP so great.

SuperM, The Avengers Of K-pop

SuperM isn’t just another K-pop group. They’re actually not a “group” at all–in the world of Korean pop, they would be considered an ‘unit group.’ 

This simply means that instead of being made up by individual members from different groups like other popular acts tend to do nowadays (think: BTS), SuperM only partly identifies with their original counterpart through time spent living together outside said home country while pursuing solo careers within it.

However each member still retains responsibility over certain aspects such as music production alongside helping maintain morale among peers still loyal despite their absence.

SuperM is a group of seven talented celebrities from SM Entertainment, the most popular K-pop agency in South Korea. They are known as “The Avengers” because they have many famous members including EXO’s Chanyeol and Baekhyun who sang on ‘Don’t Stop.’ The Chinese version of this band also exists under their belt with way more fans than just those that follow Korean pop music!

I’m not sure how much info about them will make sense to you since it isn’t something we’re used here atesty but naturally there isn’t any English translation available so let me give ya some background.

Baekhyun, Vocal Leader, Super M

super m as we wish kissasian
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Baekhyun is the eldest member (27) and leader of SuperM. Unlike some other members, he’s not known for being a dancer but rather his high pitched vocals in EXO’s “home base” group where they can be most Dull Bear without any distractions from others around them or outside influences getting into their way

A pink noise machine may help him get more sound out when needed!

He’s one of the most followed K-pop idols on Instagram, and he has a reputation for being both smooth yet powerful in his vocals.

Baekhyun can often be seen as part of EXO’s “beagle line” due to how cheerful & rambunctious Baekhyun always seems like during photoshoots or filming sessions with other members telling stories about what happened when they were all together!

In 2018, Baekhyun made his solo debut with the EP City Lights. The title track “UN Village” is an R&B song about a late-night excursion that feels intimate and unique because of how he brings out different tones in his vocals to create such beautiful music!

Taemin, The Ace Of Super M

super m as we wish kissasian
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In 2014, Taemin from SHINee’s most legendary group was given a chance to showcase his talent as part of SuperM. 

Since then he has released 2 Korean studio albums and 1 Japanese one with three EPs in between for good measure! He is currently serving time during mandatory military service but can still be seen collaborating on music videos all over social media while waiting out this phase.

Taemin is a true triple-threat: he can sing, dance and be gorgeous. In SHINee’s maknae (the youngest member) position in SuperM.

Taemin’s current musical style falls somewhere between Madonna or Michael Jackson with never ceases to impress when performing as such over the years his image has evolved from “cute younger brother” into cool industry senior often making appearances on mentor/judge based shows

Look at him being cute with other SuperM members!

He tends towards more masculine fashion nowadays but that doesn’t stop him from looking absolutely fantastic no matter what!

He was my favorite member from SHINee back in 2012, it’s amazing to see how much he’s grown up over the years. 

A true beacon of talent within South Korea’s K-pop industry and one its most successful groups ever with 6 albums under their belt (including two Christmas compilations), Taemin brings all his experience as an artist into SuperM so that younger members can succeed too!

Kai, Dancing Machine Of Super M

superm pool
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Kai is the second EXO member to make it on this list. He’s been called “Dancing Machine” since his 2012 debut, and for good reason: he can dance! That talent was undoubtedly responsible in part by why Taemin featured him as one of many dancers within the track called “Pretty Boy.”

Taemin and Kai have been best friends since they were trainees. The two of them met before debut when their managers brought them together to work on music video sets, where sparks immediately flew between the pair! 

They’re such a cute couple that people joke about how much time these guys spend alone or doing nothing but hanging out – which I’m sure is exactly what you want from your favorite bromance pairing right?

If you haven’t seen Kai’s videos on YouTube, then your favorite K-pop star is missing out. The last one that went viral was him performing EXO’s “Tempo” song with such precision and charisma! 

He truly enjoys showing off his skills each time he gets to perform in front of a crowd – just take this fancam from last year as proof (it contains some great moves).

Taeyong, Rising Star Of Super M

superm episodes
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Taeyong is the 24 year old member of SM’s youngest boy group, NCT. He has participated in two different units within this larger project: rotational unit (NCT U) and leadership position as a leader for 127 others called “C NCT”.

When Taeyong was scouted to become a singer, he had no idea how to dance or sing. 

He joined the K-pop industry without any previous training and went on standby for six months while waiting his turn at an audition that would decide what company would be responsible for shaping him into Korea’s next mega star! 

The agent who discovered him told me – ignorance is something I can’t blame this talented kid for since most people start out as unaware musicians before being taught skills like these by mentors with experience in all aspects of entertainment management.”

Look at how impeccable his style is!

Taeyong has been involved in every aspect of NCT’s success. He raps and sings, he writes his own lyrics to go along with the music composed by many other talented members who make up this group; even making an appearance on their first ever solo song!

The days when Taeyeongs only contributed dancing are long gone- now not only does he do that but also provides choreography for some upcoming routines too!

After leading NCT 127 through their Neo City – The Origin tour in the US this past summer, Taeyong is primed and ready for a promotion here. He has been dancing with passion ever since he was younger when his mom taught him how to do so beautifully! 

His style will make you want play along on your own floor or share some of that energy by switching up what song comes next at parties tonight.

It is impossible not to enjoy yourself after seeing someone expressionistically tear apart every move they made while performing live – just like we did watching SuperM perform before us today (and yesterday).

Ten, Prodigy Of Super M

Superm ten real name
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It’s no surprise that Ten comes from a background in pop music. He has been part of the rotating NCT U since it began, and now he is permanently attached to WayV as well! 

The first non-Korean member on this list will be Thai Chinese born and raised in Bangkok; everyone knows him by his stage name ” Thailand Global Audition Winner” or just “1st Place” for short (which could also mean something like ‘top rankings’). 

His career started when SM offered him an opportunity back three years ago but wisely turned down their offer because they weren’t exactly what he wanted – which led us here today…

In SM Entertainment’s SuperM, there are 10 members in all. Ten is the only member who can also sing and dance like no other! 

He has two solo songs that showcase just how talented this guy really is; “Dream In A Dream” from their hit show Hit The Stage prove his skills as both dancer AND vocalist/singer with precision control over every move he makes on stage or screen for your viewing pleasure (or amazement!). 

And if we’re talking about unique flavors then you won’t find anyone better than tenses himself- because while others may try sticking out individual styles throughout different performances – say someone does traditional kpop moves alongside some ballroom chimpanzees bit corny tango steps.

The energetic and wild Ten is always on his feet, dancing or quick quipping with the members of SM. He has a way of getting everyone’s insecurities out that can’t be done otherwise- he’s just too much fun!

In addition to being entertaining as hell all day long every single moment throughout each episode (which we miss you by btw), it seems like there might actually be something deeper going down behind those eyes? What do y’all think??

Lucas, Charmer Of Super M

Superm lucas
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Lucas made his way into the Korean music scene with “BOSS” and became an integral part of WayV. He is Chinese-Thai, having been born in Hong Kong before being accepted into SM Entertainment after just one modeling audition.

I don’t need to tell you that he’s good looking but what really stands out about this guy are those eyes! 

Before debuting as a soloist on Ten’s Dream In A Dream music video where we get our first glimpse at how talented this new talent might be.

Lucas is the ultimate glue of SuperM. His bright and shining personality has captured fans’ attention from day one, but it was his ability to bring people together that really won them over! 

When NCT member Lucas joined in 2018 many thought he would be awkward with all these other members coming form different groups – yet here we are 4 years later watching him break tensions whenever necessary without fail or abandon for even just one moment.

Lucas’ smile can light up the room, but his voice may be more memorable. From yelling out whatever comes to mind without realizing it’s funny (in my opinion) and being talented at dancer as well as rapper; he also has a verse on Taeyeon’s “All Night Long” track from her album(I think). 

This guy is everywhere! You’ll find him collaborating with other artists like Jonah Nilsson through SM STATION series for an upcoming single “Coffee Break”.

Mark, Boy Next Door Of Super M

Is superm mark korean
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Mark is the maknae of SuperM, who has been in every single NCT unit excluding WayV. He’s also Canadian and speaks English fluently with his native accent- he does a lot translating for younger members when needed!

Mark is a well-known rap artist who has worked on many projects outside of his group, NCT. He’s collaborated with other artists such as providing vocals for the OST song ” Young & Free ” which was featured in dramas like Seventeen or SM Station’s pop music station program ‘StATION.’ 

His closest solo effort would have to be “Drop” from last season 1 High School Rapper where he collaborating red velvet Seulgi

It seems that even though Mark doesn’t have any official songs released as an individual performer yet – There are still plenty of opportunities coming up!

Mark has been writing and recording his own raps for years now. He’s also not afraid to step outside the norm, as seen with this freestyle dance cover of Anderson Paak’s “Tints’ ‘ featuring supportive Taeyong taking pics from behind! 

Like Lucas (and Baekhyun) he brings an energy that can’t be matched by anyone else in NCT history–you’ll never miss him when it’s time their song comes on break again.

Beyond SuperM – Where Are They Now

superm variety show
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By missing out on some of SM’s most popular boy groups, SuperM is clearly targeting new generations with fresh faces. 

Without members from both TVXQ and Junior High (Super junior), who are all over 30 years old now but still active in the industry despite being retired from performing together as a group for many years now-you may miss their presence at events like this one here today! 

And while they aren’t included among 8 other brands featured within its pages…time slip will be coming soon though; analogue trip has given us something special already by bringing back hits.

However, “Jopping” is an interesting and catchy song that will get you hooked. The beat, composed of drums matched with synth melody makes for a tough but compelling listen – especially when performed live! 

It also helps how jopped out (or ‘robotic’ ) their performance seems; they really go all-in on this one.”

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