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The Amazing Maknae of IVE : Lee Hyun-Seo (6th Member)

Here is all the information about Lee Hyun Seo, the Maknae of IVE. She is also called Leeseo which is her stage name!

Meet the adorable maknae of the album breaking girl group IVE!

She is one of the kpop idols to debut in the 4th generation with such a young age and who is extremely talented that always leaves the netizens at awe.

There are still so many years ahead of her to grow and to improve and the netizens can’t wait to see more of her talent showcase in the future! 

Now, let’s get to know The Amazing Maknae of IVE!

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Get to Know Leeseo

Lee Hyun-Seo, known as Leeseo, born on February 21, 2007 in Gapyeong, South Korea. Her mother, father, and younger sister make up the family she was born into. The artist, however, has restricted access to the internet and the media for her entire family.

Leeseo’s stunning appearance and tall height astounded many when she was initially exposed. Despite having been born in 2007, she has already fully developed her appearance. She is truly breathtakingly beautiful, right?

Furthermore, the K-pop artist has made an effort to keep her private life as concealed as possible, thus nothing is known about her early years.

Leeseo’s Career

The Amazing Maknae of IVE
Source: Instagram @ivestarship

IVE is from Starship Entertainment, a rookie girl group that debuted in December 2021. The group has six members, with the youngest born in 2007, which drew a lot of attention from fans. She has a chic appearance as well as amazing skills as a rookie idol.

The South Korean vocalist was said to be a model before she started her singing career, as a child model. She turned out to be a former SM Entertainment model. Leeseo’s visual appearance has been outstanding and it’s no surprise that she was once a model before she became an idol.

Many fans have recognized this by looking through several of Leeseo’s pre-debut photos, particularly her height of 168cm with a healthy weight of 44kg, giving her a perfect body for modeling, which has made her appear more mature than her actual age. 

The Amazing Maknae of IVE
Source: Instagram @leeseoyaa

She began her journey to stardom in 2019, when she was in the 6th grade of elementary school, she was scouted by Starship Entertainment when she was walking around the Shinsegae Department Store to buy drinks. The artist is managed by Starship Entertainment, and her career began in 2021 after training for 2 years.

IVE, a South Korean girl band, was where Leeseo began her professional career. She was also introduced on November 7, 2021, as the band’s sixth and final member. After then, on December 1, 2021, the artist began her acting career with IVE’s single album, Eleven.

In addition, she co-wrote the songs Love Dive, Eleven, Royal, and Take It with the band. The artist hasn’t, though, appeared in any films on either large or small screens. She will, without a doubt, make an appearance in the future.

Social Media

For the time being, Leeseo is not accessible on any social networking platform. However, there are other fan pages in her name where her supporters regularly post numerous images and updates about her. 

However, her followers are actually waiting for the singer to open a personal social media profile so they may communicate with her there.

Love Life Status

Leeseo is single since she is so preoccupied with her profession. Furthermore, the artist has not disclosed any of her previous relationships or romances, even if she did. She keeps her love life fully hidden from her admirers and the internet as a result. 

ive member 1
Source: Instagram @leeseo_ive

Lee Hyun Seo hasn’t yet disclosed her preferred type, thus nobody is certain of her preferences.

Interesting Facts about Leeseo

She is known for her active, bubbly and energetic personality and positive vibe that uplifts the netizens by watching her in videos and her talent in doing aegyo!

Aside from that, her stage presence is no joke, she captivates the viewers with her alluring gaze and giving off a charismatic presence on stage when performing.  

Leeseo may be extremely young, but she has proved age is just a number. Leeseo looks like an experienced and professional idol in every performance by showing off her excellent stage presence and diverse expressions. She even once proved and showed her professionalism on stage leaving the netizens in shock only because she is a rookie idol. 

Leeseo was praised for her professionalism during the IVE debut stage. When Wonyoung’s earring fell, she quickly picked it up to avoid injuring other members. Netizens admired how quickly she responded to on-stage problems despite being a rookie.

She serves her irresistible charm and attractive visuals, she isn’t just only a pretty face, but she is a gifted idol by proving everyone her talent. Just recently, IVE’s youtube channel posted Leeseo’s solo dance cover of Fake Love by BTS. A dance for 7 members and she was able to dance it solo along with her backup dancers.

Leeseo executed the dance sharply and smoothly, her charisma in this performance draws the netizens to praise her pure talent in dancing. She brings a powerful stage presence along with her perfect moves Even though her moves are simple and direct, Leeseo manages to show a vibe of swag with it.

Not just dancing but her angelic and sweet voice captivates the netizens when listening to her, she was able to showcase more of her vocals in covering the song Strawberry Moon by IU along with her co-member Wonyoung. Many netizens praised Leeseo for her heavenly vocals and are hoping that she would do more of this in the future.

She has a nice personality and an endearing face, and her grace and personality only serve to enhance these qualities. With her straightforward sense of style and pretty face, Leeseo exemplifies the word “pure” in her fashion!

Leeseo has a model-like body, showing off her trim waist and legs. Her small face, skinny limbs, and delicate frame make her proportions far too ideal for her age.

who is the maknae of IVE
Source: Instagram @leeseo_ive

Leeseo is often referred to as a baby as she is the youngest, and it is obvious from the way she speaks that she is well-cared for. Her personality is age-appropriate, and because the other group members enjoy her so much, they frequently spoil her. 

What person could not adore this adorable Maknae?

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