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The Barbie-like Beauty of IVE : Kim Jiwon (4th Member)

In this article you can find information about the 4th member of IVE – Kim Jiwon! Check it out!

Charismatic, stunningly ethereal combined with heavenly vocals, meet the amazing main vocalist, and the Barbie-like Beauty of IVE, Liz!

Her visuals and talent prove she’s a natural-born idol.

Read this article to know more about her!

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Get to Know Liz

Kim Jiwon – 4th Member of IVE

Kim Jiwon, the “Queen of Voice Color” of IVE, was born on November 21, 2004 in Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea. Liz measures 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall and weighs 46 kilograms (101 lbs). Furthermore, her shoe size and body measurements have not yet been made public.

Her parents and younger brother, who was born in 2006, make up her family. She hasn’t, however, disclosed any further details or the names of her family members publicly. In addition, she was concealed from the online platform and the internet throughout her childhood and young period. But she was unquestionably well nurtured by her parents.

Kim Ji Won’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, her blood type is AB, and her MBTI type is INFP. Her figure is also incredibly well-maintained because she works out frequently and eats a very nutritious diet. 

Liz’s Career

The Barbie-like Beauty of IVE
Source: Instagram @ivestarship

During her pre-debut days, Liz was a talented and very accomplished person! She won an award for excellence in sports at her school, and she was even supposed to participate in the survival show program Produce 48. She already had natural visuals and celebrity aura giving an idol vibe around her,

Before her debut, she appeared in a music video of her favorite singer, SNSD’s Taeyeon, “This Christmas”  on December 12, 2017.

Liz passed the 2019 Starship X Pepsi Summer audition and was offered a position as a trainee with Starship Entertainment. Following that, the South Korean performer trained for over two years before making her debut.

She began her career as a member of the popular Korean girl group IVE. On November 6, 2021, the agency identified the singer as the group’s fourth member. Following that, she made her official debut on December 1, 2021, with the release of IVE’s first single album, Eleven.

Many people throughout the world adore Liz’s music and live performances. As a result, she quickly rose to great acclaim after making her K-pop idol debut. She is still putting in a lot of effort, though, in an effort to surpass her present levels of fame and accomplishment. 

Since making her official debut, she has also collaborated on numerous songs and albums with the band. Love Dice, ELEVEN, ROYAL, and Take it are a few of the artist’s songs. As of 2022, the band have only released these four tracks.

Social Media

Liz is unfortunately not personally accessible on social networking sites.

On IVE’s official Instagram account, though, followers can view her endeavors. @ivestarship is the username of the account, and as of 2022, there are 2.4 million followers. The company mostly administers the account. She can be found as well using the handle @IVE_twt on the official IVE Twitter account, which has 1.1 million followers.

Love Life Status

The South Korean singer is currently single and has never been in a relationship. Furthermore, regardless if she had any prior romances or affairs, she has not acknowledged them. 

unnamed 8
Source: Instagram @ive.liz

As a result, Liz’s romantic life is totally kept secret from the online platform and her admirers, and she hasn’t disclosed who her ideal type is either, keeping those perceptions a secret as well.

Interesting Facts about Liz

Long blonde hair with bangs and cute dimples are what Liz is loved for when it comes to her captivating visuals, but aside from that, Liz is excellently skilled in dancing and as well as singing. 

The Barbie-like Beauty of IVE
Source: Instagram @ivestarship

Her stage name is inspired by Elizabeth Bennet, the heroine of Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice. Liz was quite athletic and said she learned how to play the piano.

She has also written several songs and albums with the group since her official debut. Love Dive, ELEVEN, ROYAL, and Take It are some of the artist’s songs.

As of 2022, the group had not published any further songs save these four, the fans can’t wait for more of their comeback and new hit songs for them to showcase in the future.

Aside from that, Liz once posted in youtube of her vocal cover of IU’s song, “Friday”, proving her amazing voice of why she is the main vocalist of the group.

The song fit her well, showing her calm and angelic voice, netizens even commented that her voice sounded so pleasing and gentle making them feel at ease with the sound of her soothing vocals, her voice was stable just as how she performs on live stage proving that she doesn’t need autotune and that she is naturally talented in singing. 

Her fancams posted online earned a lot of views, and netizens praised Liz for her extraordinary talent in dancing, some netizens even mistook her as a professional idol considering that she was still a rookie that time because she showed her experience in performing leaving the audience at awe.

Many people around the world enjoy Liz’s music and performances. As a result, she rose to stardom quickly after making her debut as a K-pop idol.

She is, however, still working extremely hard in order to become even more popular and recognized than she is already. She captured and garnered the attention from the netizens receiving a huge amount of love and support for Liz and her career.

Despite this, the artist undoubtedly has great wealth and enjoys a high standard of living because of the money she has amassed over the course of her career. At such a young age, she already saved an enormous amount of money. Isn’t that amazing?

Liz also receives compensation for her endorsements and commercials for other brands just as the same as her co-members. She became the very first single model to appear in an Olive Young campaign from South Korea.

Liz is still new in the entertainment industry and there are more years ahead of her to showcase more of her potential in the public and how she is successfully popular with her group and continuing on breaking records.

The visuals of Liz, a fantastic Korean star, are stunning. She is incredibly gifted and can slay many themes with her defining traits! 

The Barbie-like Beauty of IVE
Source: Instagram @ive.liz

Liz with her unrealistic visuals, extremely great talent, has a genuine personality, and of course, her successful group, IVE. Liz you have it all, and I absolutely adore you!

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