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Kpop Group THE BOYZ Members In Order Of Popularity 2023 | Complete Kpop Profiles

What is the ranking of THE BOYZ members in order of popularity? 

It includes detailed The BOYZ member profiles and their popularity order, age order, office seniority, past photos, SNS, and fan club information, so if you want to become a fan of THE BOYZ, please check it out!

Let me introduce THE BOYZ members in order of popularity!

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The Boyz Members In Order Of Popularity

The order of popularity of The BOYZ members is based on the testimonials of Korean fans and the transaction price of their personal goods, and is arranged in order of popularity.

Here’s an in-depth look at the members of The BOYZ, in order of popularity!

No. 11 Kevin

  • Real name: Moon Hyungseo (문형서, 文炯書, Moon Hyungseo)
  • Birthday: February 23, 1998
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Birthplace: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  • Blood type: AB
  • Height: 176cm
  • Weight: 56kg
  • Position: Main Vocalist
The boyz member kevin
Source: Instagram@official_theboyz

The 11th most popular member is Kevin Moon, who made a name for himself in 2016 as a participant in the then very popular Korean audition show K-Pop Star Season 6. 

Although he didn’t win the competition, he impressed many people with his beautiful piano playing and singing voice.

He is from Canada but is a talented main vocalist. His soft and soothing singing voice was famous even before his debut. 

He is a handsome man with pale skin, narrow eyes, and a cute atmosphere. His narrow eyes are very attractive, and his nickname is “Sunakitsune,” not in a bad way, but in a cute way.

He is a versatile member who can sing, play instruments, compose music, cook, draw…you name it. He is from Canada, so of course he speaks English very well, and he even speaks French! 

I heard that he usually speaks English with member Jacob, who is also from Canada. He is a quiet character among the members of The BOYZ.

No. 10 Jacob

  • Real name: Bae Junyoung (배준영, 裴俊英, Bae Junyoung)
  • Date of birth: May 30, 1997
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Blood type: Type B
  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Position: Lead Vocalist
The boyz member jacob
Source: Instagram@official_theboyz

Jacob, from Canada, is the lead vocalist and is in charge of English lyrics and high notes. Jacob’s voice is definitely the one that makes you think, “This song is so high! 

After his debut, his dancing skills have grown a lot and he has become an important member of the dance team.

After SsangYong, the class president, he is also the vice president. He checks the number of students when everyone gathers, and also leads the greetings when SsangYong is away. 

He has such a gentle personality that he is called “Angel” among the The BOYZ members. His cheerful and positive personality supports and heals the other members.

At the time of his debut, he had a cute atmosphere, but with the change of concept, his atmosphere has changed quite a bit, and recently, many people say that his neutral image is sexy.

He is usually a gentle person, but when he is on stage, he looks like a different person, and him good acting on stage is also an attraction that attracts the attention of his fans.

No. 9 Sang-young

  • Real name: Lee Sangyeon (이상연, Lee Sangyeon)
  • Date of Birth: November 4, 1996
  • Age: 23 years old
  • Height: 176cm
  • Weight: 61kg
  • Birthplace: Seoul, Korea
  • Blood Type: Type A
  • Position: Main Vocal
Source: Instagram@official_theboyz

No. 9 in The BOYZ popularity order is their leader, Sanyoung. He is called the “class president” in the group. 

Apparently, being a leader is too much of a responsibility, so he became the class president to share the responsibility with everyone. You can feel how close the members of The BOYZ are to each other.

I’m the main vocalist, and I’m also in charge of the visuals. It is said that he is the best looking member in person, not on camera. 

He’s so handsome that he was cast by the staff of his agency, who fell in love with his profile while he was having a snack after school, and that’s how he made his debut.

He is the oldest brother in the team and has a serious image, but he is weak at games and always loses when the members play games with each other, and he is surprisingly cute and charming.

No. 8 Joo Han-yeong

  • Real name: Ju Han-nyeong (주학년, Ju HakNyeon)
  • Birthday: March 9, 1999
  • Age: 21 years old
  • Birthplace: Jeju-do, South Korea
  • Blood type: Type B
  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: 58kg
  • Position: Lead Dancer, Sub-vocalist
jan hyan yeon boys
Source: Instagram@official_theboyz

No. 8 in the popularity order is Joo Han-yeong, who made a name for himself in 2017 by participating in Mnet’s popular audition show “PRODUCE 101 (Season 2)”. 

He is a popular member of THE BOYZ, and even when THE BOYZ debuted, he was the talk of the town with that Joo Han-nyeon group.

He has experience as a B-boy and is good at dancing. His smiling face is refreshing, and his expressionless face is very cool. 

He is an idol with a wide spectrum that fits well with any concept from cute to sexy.

Another thing that makes him unique is that he is half-Hong Kong and half-Korean. That’s why he was born on Jeju Island in Korea, but he also speaks good Chinese (Cantonese). 

His family is a big pig farmer in Jeju Island, and I’ve seen him holding a piglet in his personal delivery. Maybe that’s the influence? His nickname is “Little Pig.

No. 7 Eric

  • Real name: Son Youngjae (손영재, 孫英宰, Son Youngjae)
  • Birthday: Dec. 22, 2000
  • Age: 19 years old
  • Birthplace: Seoul, Korea
  • Blood type: Type A
  • Height: 174cm
  • Weight: 56kg
  • Position: Lead Dancer, Sub-vocalist, Lead Rapper
The boyz member eric
Source: Instagram@official_theboyz

Number 7 in the popularity order is Eric, the youngest son of THE BOYZ. His name is Eric, but he is not from overseas, but from Seoul. He is also a good dancer who majored in dance at school. 

He often participates in the dance breaks that only some of the members of The BOYZ participate in. He is also a good rapper and raps a lot next to Seonwoo, the main rapper.

When he first debuted, he had a cute image, but as time went on, his handsomeness became more and more popular. His well-groomed face can’t be captured in a photo! 

As he is the youngest on the team, it is easy to see his growth. His physicality, which belies his baby face, is also a factor in his popularity. 

In particular, his broad shoulders are a topic of conversation not only among fans but also among THE BOYZ members.

He has an energetic personality full of energy. He is active, proactive, and loves to talk! 

Since his debut, he has been working while attending school, but he is a hard worker who wakes up at 5 a.m. every day to go to school and participate in his classes diligently. 

He is also the member with the best fan service. He is good at relieving the tension of fans who are too nervous and frozen, and is a lovable member who is considerate of his fans.

No. 6 New

  • Real name: Choi Chan Hee (최찬희, 崔澯熙, Choi Chan Hee)
  • Birthday: April 26, 1998
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Birthplace: Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
  • Blood type: Type B
  • Height: 177cm
  • Position: Main Vocal
The boyz member new
Source: Instagram@official_theboyz

The 6th most popular member of The BOYZ is New, the main vocalist. He is a music lover who answered “music” to the question “What is the one thing you can never give up? 

He is the main vocalist and is often in charge of the high-pitched improvisations. New has a sharp, husky voice that is very attractive. He has a strong passion for music and is studying lyric writing and composition.

He is pale and slender. He is especially loved for his mochi-like white cheeks. He has a very cute smile, and his usual fashion is often cute, such as skinny jeans with a casual top. He is a member who looks great with blond or pink hair.

Although he looks cute, he is surprisingly serious and has a strong personality. They always show us how hard they work at events and on V LIVE. By the way, it seems that he is the most scared of ghosts among the The BOYZ members. 

He denies it, but if you see how he reacts to other members’ pranks with a big freak out, it might be right.

No. 5 Q

  • Real name: Ji Changmin (지창민, 池昌民, Ji Changmin)
  • Birthday: November 5, 1998
  • Age: 21 years old
  • Birthplace: Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
  • Blood type: AB
  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: 56kg
  • Position: Main Dancer, Sub-vocalist
The boyz member chang min q
Source: Instagram@official_theboyz

Number 5 in the popularity order of THE BOYZ is Kyu, the main dancer! He is good at fast-paced dance that uses a lot of legs. In 2018, he participated in 1theK’s idol dance survival show “DANCE WAR” and is good at cover dances.

He is good at cover dances, not only covers of the same boy groups like BTS and NCT U, but also cover dances of girl groups like Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation, and TWICE.

He is boyishly cute and refreshingly handsome. He has cute dimples, and his fans say he looks like a hamster. His refreshing nature has earned him the nickname “Human Grapefruit”! 

His personality is also kind and charming. His distinctive way of speaking makes all his fans fall in love with him. His glasses look great on him, so if you like guys with glasses, take a peek at his V LIVE!

No. 4 Young Hoon

  • Real name: Kim Younghoon (김영훈, Kim Young-hun)
  • Birthday: August 8, 1997
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Birthplace: Seoul, Korea
  • Blood type: Type A
  • Height: 183cm
  • Weight: 61kg
  • Position: Sub-vocal, Visual
The boyz member younghoon 1
Source: Instagram@official_theboyz

Serving as a vocalist, Yong-hoon has a soft and smooth voice, just like his visuals, and although all members of THE BOYZ are famous for their high visual quality, Yong-hoon is one of the most handsome. When it comes to visuals, Yong Hoon is the one!

He is a handsome man who doesn’t show up in pictures and is very slender. His long, thin legs make fans worry if he is eating properly. 

He was originally aiming to be an actor and was on his way to the acting academy when he was cast by the staff of his agency while eating bread and rice balls at a convenience store.

He has a beautiful face that looks cool at first glance, but in fact he has a cute personality with lots of charm and tears, which makes him especially cute among the members. 

The way he speaks and acts is very charming, and his overflowing charm sometimes makes the members feel uncomfortable. He is a beloved member who gets along well with all the others.

No. 3 Seonwoo

  • Real name: Kim Sunwoo (김선우, 金善旴, Kim Sunwoo)
  • Birthday: April 12, 2000
  • Age: 20 years old
  • Birthplace: Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Blood type: Type B
  • Height: 177.4cm
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Position: Main rapper, sub-vocalist
The boyz member sun woo
Source: Instagram@official_theboyz

THE BOYZ No. 3 in order of popularity is Sonu, a talented rapper who has participated in Mnet’s rapper audition program before his debut. He is a high level rapper who breaks the prejudice that idol rappers can’t rap well. He is a super idol who can not only rap, but can also sing and write lyrics.

He has a well-balanced appearance with a small, well-shaped face. His body is well-balanced, and he looks good in costumes that look a little difficult.

He is usually gentle and calm, and is the atmosphere maker of THE BOYZ, but he also shows us a strong-willed and charismatic figure. Some fans say they can’t get enough of the gap between his gentle and charismatic personality.

He is mature and has a good sense of words. All of his fans are touched by his letters that express his feelings for them. Many people say that his honest and warm writing touches their hearts. 

He not only writes but also has a good sense of conversation, so he is often the MC for programs and interviews.

No. 2 Hyun-jae

  • Real name: Lee Jaehyun (이재현, Lee Jaehyun)
  • Birthday: September 13, 1997
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea
  • Blood type: Type B
  • Height: 181cm
  • Weight: 62kg
  • Position: Lead Vocal
The boyz member hyunjae
Source: Instagram@official_theboyz

The second most popular member of THE BOYZ is Hyun-jae, who is a sad and powerful vocalist. 

He has many parts and sings the chorus as well. He is also a good dancer and participates in all the dance breaks in the song. He is an all-rounder member with good visuals, vocals, and dancing.

He is a handsome man who became famous for his visuals even before his debut, and is tall and slender. 

His small face, well-defined eyes and nose, and beautiful skin are enough to make even women envious. With his beautiful face and tall stature, he is a Born to be idol who attracts attention everywhere.

He loves chicken so much that he says he can eat only chicken for the rest of his life. He is a little shy, but once he gets used to people, he is very friendly and cute, just like a dog. 

He can be a bit of a tsundere at times, but he is really a very considerate and gentle person. He is a kind boy who loves his dog and his family very much.

No. 1 Jooyoung (Juyeon)

  • Real name: Lee Juyeon (이주연, 李柱延, Lee Juyeon)
  • Birthday: Jan. 15, 1998
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Birthplace: Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Blood type: AB
  • Height: 181cm
  • Weight: 62kg
  • Position: Main Dancer, Visual
The boyz member Juyeon
Source: Instagram@official_theboyz

THE BOYZ No. 1 in order of popularity is Joo Young! As a main dancer, Joo-yeon has long arms and legs, and his large hands are especially noticeable in dances that emphasize his arms and upper body. 

He is also a good vocalist and has many parts for a sub-vocalist, and is often given the most memorable part of the song “Killing part”. When he stands on the stage, his facial expressions are the best.

He is just so handsome! He is the most masculine and handsome among the members of THE BOYZ. 

He is tall, thin, and macho, and his beautiful double-face and well-developed nose give him a masculine look. His nickname is also Genius of Face. 

There are many members of THE BOYZ, but he is certainly a handsome man who catches the eye among them.

He has a very kind and serious personality and is very passionate about his work. He is always serious and passionate on stage and during MCs, and it is said that he resembles Yoon-ho of Tohoshinki. 

In fact, when he made his debut, there was an episode where he was moved to tears after receiving advice from Yoon-ho of Tohoshinki, whom he met backstage.

Although Joo-yeon is a serious and handsome guy, he seems to be surprisingly natural. 

He is sometimes fooled by the pranks played by the members, and on the other hand, he tries to play pranks on the members but gets himself beaten up. This kind of naturalness is one of the reasons why people love him so much.

Before “REVEAL,” THE BOYZ had initial sales of about 50,000 copies, but they secured a huge Korean fan base with “Road to Kingdom. But with “Road to Kingdom,” they secured a huge Korean fan base, and with “THE STEALER,” they recorded initial sales of 210,000 copies. The BOYZ in particular are famous for being more popular in mainland Korea than overseas.

What kind of group is THE BOYZ?

THE BOYZ is an 11-member male idol group announced on December 6, 2017 by Cracker Entertainment, an office under the major Korean distribution company kakaoM. 

The group has nine members who are Korean and two members who are Korean-Canadian. At the time of their debut, they were a 12-member group, but in October 2019, member “Fal” left the group due to health issues, making it an 11-member group.

Since their debut in 2017, they have emerged glamorously with five rookie awards in 2018, became very popular on the 2020 survival show Road to Kingdom, and are currently a popular idol group, selling over 200,000 CDs in their first week of release.

What does THE BOYZ mean?

The meaning of THE BOYZ Doboiz is “the only boys who nestle in everyone’s heart. The group greeting is “Best WE THE BOYZ! Hello, I’m Dboyz! The leader is Sanyoung. The leader is Sanyoung. The leader is SsangYong, who is called the group leader in Doboize.

THE boyz kpop band

What is the age order of the members of The BOYZ?

The oldest member in THE BOYZ is the leader of the group! He was born in ’96. The youngest was born in 00.

  • SsangYong 1996.11.04
  • Jacob 1997.05.30
  • Younghoon 1997.08.08
  • Hyun-jae 1997.09.13
  • 1998.01.15 Jooyoung
  • 1998.02.23 Kevin
  • New 1998.04.26
  • Queue 1998.11.05
  • 1999.03.09 Juhan Nyong
  • Sonu 2000.04.12
  • Eric 2000.12.22

Who is the main vocalist of THE BOYZ?

There are three main vocalists of THE BOYZ! Sanyoung, Kevin and New are the main vocalists. It seems to be a big group of 11 people.

Who is the senior member of THE BOYZ’s office?

THE BOYZ’s office is Creker Entertainment. Cracker Entertainment used to have a female group, MelodyDAY, but they disbanded in 2018. So officially, there is no senior group.

Cracker Entertainment is a subsidiary of “Kakao M”, so if you look at it broadly, you can say THE BOYZ are related to “PLAY M Entertainment” and “STARSHIP Entertainment”.

There are less than 10 male groups in Korea with initial sales of over 200,000 including BTS, so it can be said that they are quite popular.

THE BOYZ members don’t have their own personal Instagram, but the company runs an official SNS. 

There is also a Twitter in Japanese, so be sure to check it out! They even translate the SNS that THE BOYZ members write directly, so it’s easy to see.

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