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The Captivating Beauty of IVE : Jang Wonyoung (3rd Member)

You can find information about the 3rd member of IVE who is Jang Wonyoung. Find out her height, weight, age and more.

With her princess-like appearance, Wonyoung is regarded as the vocalist and primary visual goddess of the fourth generation. With her stunning appearance and captivating presence, she automatically sticks out in the crowd. 

Let’s witness The Captivating Beauty of IVE: Jang Wonyoung!

Read this article and see how she started as a pretty girl blooming into a goddess.

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Jan Wonyoung – 4th Member of IVE

Jang Wonyoung, one of the most popular female idols known in the Kpop industry and of course, her dazzling beauty that captures the attention of the netizens.

She is more than a pretty face and a tall girl fit enough to be an idol and a model, as most netizens notice in her is only the visual she holds but there is more to uncover about her talent of becoming an idol!

Born on August 31, 2004 in Seoul, South Korea. Wonyoung was recruited by a Starship Entertainment staff on the way to a ceremony at her sister’s school. She trained for 1 year and 2 months before she joined Mnet’s reality survival show Produce 48 in 2018.

Wonyoung’s Career

The Captivating Beauty of IVE
Source: Instagram @ivestarship

Being barely thirteen years old, Wonyoung participated as the youngest contestant in the popular survival show Producer 48 as a trainee.

She attracted viewers’ attention right away thanks to her attractive appearance and special charisma. She placed first at the competition’s conclusion, winning a ticket in the project group IZ*ONE. On October 29, 2018, she finally made her formal debut with the group.

However, the group was formally dissolved on April 29, 2021, after two years of development.

Early in November 2021, Starship Entertainment confirmed that Wonyoung and Yujin, her labelmate and previous bandmate from IZ*ONE, will make their momentum swings as members of the company’s new girl group.

On December 1, 2021, Wonyoung finally made her formal IVE debut after waiting a month.

Wonyoung continues to attract attention for her high-class visuals and incredibly long legs. With all the attention, some netizens are questioning why she isn’t now walking the runway.

Many fans feel that model Wonyoung should return. Wonyoung recently admitted that she had pondered being a fashion model in the past, and it’s simple to see why. Her photoshoots are usually fantastic.

And her modelesque long limbs have already gotten her a lot of attention. With her natural proportions and height, Wonyoung could easily walk the runway again. Some people are born to be in the limelight, and admirers believe Wonyoung is one of them!

In 2019 Wonyoung actually walked the runway in the Tokyo Girls Collection A/W fashion show, where she tried bold looks and stunned the audience with her confidence despite her young age of about 14 years old.

She surprised the crowd serving a whole different look but still looked beautiful nonetheless. Wonyoung walked the runway, slaying the look with her long legs. Fans are also blown away by Wonyoung’s breathtaking physique and body proportions, which is nothing short of flawless when compared to that of professional models.

Fans were fascinated not just by how different Wonyoung appeared, but also by how she professionally handled the runaway as a model. Like, who wouldn’t be fascinated right?

Besides her activities in IVE, Jang Wonyoung also currently hosts the music show “Music Bank” along with ENHYPEN Sunghoon.

Many netizens liked how the pair shared a good chemistry between them ever since they started becoming hosts for the show.

They’re so supportive and nice to each other to the point they even received the 2021 KBS Entertainment Awards Best Couple award.

Jang Wonyoung – Social Media

Wonyoung is a regular user of Instagram with the username @for everyoung10, where she has accumulated more than 5.3 million followers and shared 127 stunning posts. 

The Captivating Beauty of IVE
Source: Instagram @for_everyoung10

Therefore, it is fair to assume that the artist enjoys communicating with her followers, and judging by the amount of her following, Jang undoubtedly has a massive international fan base.

Love Life Status

The girls and boys in K-pop groups are often not permitted by their agencies to date, however, as doing so could harm the reputation of the group as a whole. Jang shares the same restrictions as the other 11 girls in IZONE about drinking, smoking, and partying as well as is in IVE now.

However, there are speculations that she is actually intimately involved with her high school beau, with whom she has reportedly been seeing for a couple of months now.

But still, no one is sure about that considering she has managed to keep her relationships in the past and romances private.

The Captivating Beauty of IVE
Source: Instagram @ivestarship

Meanwhile, Jang has characterized the kind of boy she would prefer to date in the future. He would need to be taller than her, athletic– if she could pick, he would indeed be a soccer player, sympathetic, and animal-loving. The boy ought to prefer being outdoors compared to being in a metropolis.

Interesting Facts About Wonyoung

Aside from the fact that Wonyoung is gorgeous, Wonyoung can also dance elegantly and performs well, has a good voice, she can rap, and she can also write and compose songs.

But because she’s the center, she’s young, and she’s famous, fans and others overlook past her talents and focus solely on the fact that she’s the visual.

Although her voice isn’t as strong as the others, it’s soft, sweet, and refreshing that netizens should notice more in her.

Her vocals are excellent because of how great her tone is for the killing and other vocal sections. Her pre-chorus line and bridge in eleven, as well as her narcissistic line in Love Dive, were quite addictive.

She works well in IVE and contributes much. While her technique might still need improvements, she is working hard on it and is flourishing better in Ive than she was in Iz*One, when she still had a nasality with her baby voice.

With her delicate body form and slim legs, Wonyoung, who is noted for her shockingly tall height and body proportions, is to die for. She regularly attends pilates class with her co-member, IVE’s leader Yujin, as part of her fitness regimen. She displayed her incredible form at such a young era when she participated in Produce 48. 

The Captivating Beauty of IVE
Source: Instagram @for_everyoung10

She doesn’t even need to put in a lot of effort to make herself likeable notwithstanding her impossible body proportions, stunning features, and skill sets. Her followers would be encouraged by her talent; how I aspire to be someone like Wonyoung!

Are you mesmerized by her charming looks and talents as well?

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