Things To Do In Seoul During Spring

14 Fun Things To Do In Seoul During Spring 2022 | Awesome Spring Activities In Korea!

Planning to visit South Korea? Here are some fun things to do in Seoul during spring! Read on to know the attractions you simply cannot miss!

Spring is by far the best time to visit the happening metropolitan of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. 

With an equal number of modern and historical attractions, Seoul is a lovely place to visit any time. 

But Spring as a season stands out purely because of the abundance of cherry blossoms that one cannot get enough of. 

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Things To Do In Seoul During Spring 2021

Cherry Blossom Festivals 

Cherry blossom festivals are, as one can guess, organized in and around cherry blossoms. 

With such breathtaking locations dotted with pastel pink hues, cherry blossom festivals are extremely popular in Seoul during the spring and for good reason. 

Here, we have listed a few of the best and most popular ones. 

Yeouido Cherry Blossoms Festival

Things To Do In Seoul During Spring

Famous for its 1886 Korean cherry trees, the festival is held on the streets of Yeongdeugpo, behind the National assembly building. 

Other blooming delights include flowering trees like the forsythia and royal azaleas. Yeouido Cherry Blossoms Festival is one of the best places to witness the cherry blossoms blanket Seoul. 

You can also learn about interesting vignettes and anecdotes about the history and sociology of Seoul by taking a walking tour. 

The entrance is free and this festival occurs in April. 

Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival

things to do in seoul

The best part about this festival is that it encompasses other local attractions like the Lotte World, amusement parks, and the castle. 

Add to the fact that it takes place around the gorgeous Seokchan lake park, the cherry blossoms look like they are straight out of a painting. 

This festival takes place at 148, Jamsil-ro, Songpa-gu around early April. As with most cherry blossom festivals, there is no entrance fee!

Gwangayng Maehwa Festival

best place to visit in korea during spring

Especially a delight for flora and architecture enthusiasts, Gwangyang is a tiny little locality known for its plum blossoms. 

These plum blossoms, which are called ‘Maehwa’ in Korean, are found in abundance at the location of this festival. 

Apart from this, there is a myriad of tours and attractions in the same area, and you can also visit Jeonju Hanok Village where one can explore the rich Korean cuisine which is traditionally and authentically prepared. 

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival 

cherry blossom festival in Korea

If you love cherry blossoms, this festival is the place to be!

Not only is Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival the largest of its kind in Korea, but it is also the most popular destination for one-day trips especially during spring.  

This annual spring festival garners about two million visitors a year from across the world and hosts an array of activities and performances for everyone to sit back and enjoy. 

Cherry Blossoms dot the landscape as far as your eye can see. They stretch endlessly adjacent to footpaths, railroads, and the like. This trip is a must for those traveling with family! 


Not a cherry blossom festival per se, but it is still one of Korea’s biggest spring festivals. 

This two-day hip-hop festival usually takes place in Seoul during the last weekend of April, and is an excellent place to be if you are a music enthusiast. 

With amateur and professional artists coming out to perform, you are left soaking in the energy and buzz of this genre. 

This festival is organized at Hangang Park, and even features other options of just hanging out, relaxing, snacking, and just having a good time in general with your friends. 

Other places and experiences

Apart from the obvious cherry blossom festivals and attractions, there are places in Seoul that make for a wholesome experience by themselves. 

Visit Nami Island 

things to do in south korea

Of the most popular and well-loved day trip destinations in Korea and specifically in Seoul, Nami Islands stands out for its effortless photogenic appeal. 

Nearby destinations to explore include only do cherry blossoms add to the entire Gangchon Rail Bike, Petite France, and Garden of Morning Calm; and the cherry blossoms during springtime round off the entire experience! 

Go To The Palaces In The City

Palaces are a lovely and exquisite place to enjoy springtime, and specifically, the baby pink cherry blossoms. 

The Joseon architecture articulately contrasts with the blossoms, to paint a stunning picture together. 

Speaking of which, palaces are a great place to take Instagramable pictures of the city and yourself! 

The Changdeokgung Palace specifically, is believed to have the largest concentration of cherry blossom trees owing to the colonists who planted rows and rows of the flora all around the palace ground when they were in power. 

We recommend taking a guided tour so that you can learn about the history of the country and the city, and gain a wholesome experience. 

Another great tip to keep in mind is that most of these palaces have free entry on major holidays, so you can easily make a day out of palace-hopping on an off day! 

Walk Up The N Seoul Tower

spring in korea 2021

There is a verdant walking trail that leads up to the Namsan Mountains and N Seoul Tower.

It’s about an hour long and the view is completely worth it! You can even take a cable car to go atop and enjoy the scenery. 

If you are a fan of aerial views, there are a good bit of great paragliding spots in Korea. You will have a guiding professional and everything! 

This adventure sport is a great option for those visiting Seoul in May, since the spring festivals will all be over by then. 

Attend The Seoul Fashion Week

things to do in South Korea

For anyone who stays on top of fashion trends and is generally interested in the domain, The Seoul Fashion Week is the event you should not miss out on!

It happens twice a year at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, once in spring and once in autumn. 

During this week, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza is soaking in energy, with models and designers from across the world displaying their latest collection. 

Explore The Suwon Hwaseong Fortress

spring in korea 2021

A heavenly location to enjoy cherry blossoms, the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress is a great place to walk around, have a cute picnic, and take photographs on the flower-dotted streets.

It is also too close to Everland, the largest theme park in Korea. You can enjoy thrilling rides and make a lovely day out of it! 

What To Eat 

There is a wide range of choices when it comes to food and what to eat in general at Seoul, and there are some lovely springtime delicacies that you should definitely not miss out on. 

Try The Sakura Ice cream

Of the many delicacies that are inspired by spring and the abundant cherry blossoms, is, believe it or not, Sakura ice cream! 

BLACKBURN is known for its frozen cherry blossom delight across South Korea. Sourced from fresh Japanese ingredients, this treat is an absolute delight. 

You will find BLACKBURN at 29, Ewhayeodae 7-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

The nearest station or the joint is Sinchon Station. 

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Sip Some Sakura Soju

Soju, a local drink unique to South Korea comes in Sakura flavor as well. 

Apart from being unbelievably delectable, it also looks lovely, with its pastel pink hue derived from the cherry blossoms.

 It is sweet and slightly sour. You can definitely grab a drink at one of the Daldal Day branches. The nearest station to one of them would be the Soongsil University Station.

food to try in Korea

Try The Strawberry Buffet

Every spring, the JW Dongdaemun Marriott Hotel in Seoul holds a strawberry buffet open for everyone. 

It includes a sophisticated meal, which includes a myriad of cherry blossom-inspired dishes, from cakes to drinks.  

Buy Some Spring-themed Souvenirs 

What to take back home, in memory of your time amidst the cherry blossoms. 


Most cafés and coffee shops sell cherry blossom-inspired drinks through spring. Starbucks, without a question, does a brilliant job at it and is the most popular.  

Similar big chains even sell cherry blossom-inspired coffee mugs and sipper cups and the like for you to carry one back home as a souvenir. 

South korean food


For any snacks that scream spring, just walk to your nearest convenience store. 

In Seven-Eleven, CU, GS25, or Emart 24, for example, you will find a wide range of Sakura flavored snacks like cakes, pocky, popcorn, chips, ice cream, and all sorts of drinks.


Apart from this, you will always find sakura-inspired trinkets and souvenirs in and around any of the cherry blossom festivals that you happen to visit. 

Popular drinks that people grab onto while walking and experiencing the festivals are cherry blossom ice cream and cherry blossom tea. 

So those were some of the best things to do in spring in Seoul! With this list, you can plan out an itinerary to include the most fun experiences.

Happy journey!

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