Times Idols Rocked the Converse Run Star

9 Times Idols Rocked the Converse Run Star | Look At Their Stylish Outfits!

Here are some unforgettable Times Idols Rocked the Converse Run Star! Check out when the BTS converse run star hike shoes and other Kpop converse brands.

Over the years K-Pop has become super trending not just in South Korea, but even all over the world and the K-Pop artists, better known as “Idols” have gained global popularity.

Since these idols have been idolized by their fans, they are carefully observed and watched by them in public in terms of their whereabouts, mannerisms, style and fashion.

So it is pretty obvious that they are extremely loved by their fans and most often many of their fashion and clothing items gain popularity once an Idol has been seen sporting it.

Converse, the world-famous American shoe brand released the Run Star Converse shoes a few years ago and they have become very popular once fans spotted some of their Idols wearing them.

So check out some of the times Idols rocked the Converse Run Star shoes so effortlessly!

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Times Idols Rocked the Converse Run Star

1. Kang Selu-gi’s Punk Rock Converse Style

What Converse shoes do kpop idols wear

Kang Selu-gi, commonly known as Selugi is seen sporting her Run Star Hike Converse shoes majestically seated on a kitchen countertop. She is a well-known fashion influencer and she for sure makes that pretty obvious, doesn’t she?

The 28 year-old is a Korean-born singer and is also well-known to be a fabulous dancer as well. She gained popularity as being one among the five members of the all-girl band called Red Velvet. She is also a part of the supergroup Got the Beat, which was formed recently, in 2022, by SM Entertainment.

Selugi is known for her fashionable dressing sense and for the trendy attire that she wears. She also has her own show called Selugi.zip on which she talks about fashion and styling with her guests.

She also became the very first ever K-Pop star to be selected by Salvatore Ferragamo, the Italian brand, as its global ambassador.

2. Park Ji-min Converse Airport Look

bts converse shoes

Well, well, I’m pretty sure that almost everyone out there has heard of Jimin, right? Let’s be honest here, doesn’t he have a super fabulous dressing sense! Check out how perfectly Jimin is sporting his Converse Run Star Hike shoes.

Jimin is loved by his ARMYs and is well-known for his powerful vocals and amazing dancing skills. The 26 year old singer was born in South Korea. He made his debut in 2013 along with his 6 fellow bandmates with their all-boy band BTS, which is currently under the label Big Hit Entertainment.

Jimin is super popular among the Korean Idols and was ranked the 1st most popular Idol as of the 2018 and 2019 survey conducted by Gallup Korea.

Though Jimin has reached international fame, he still has his roots held strong in South Korea and has financially helped support the lower income students by donating 100 million Korean won to the Department of Education, Busan.

Jimin’s Converse collection is the stuff of legend among the BTS ARMY!

3. Sandara Park In Comfy Casual Converse Ensemble

How do you style Kpop converse

Check out Dara here guys, doesn’t she look so ravishing in her light pink sweater, along with perfectly sporting her Converse Run Star Hike shoes!

Sandara Park, better known by her stage name ‘Dara’, is 37 year-old South Korean singer, actress and is also a presenter on television. She was one of the contestants in Star Circle Quest, a talent show held back in 2004, after which she gained popularity.

She thereafter joined the all-girl K-Pop group 2NE1, which was very active between 2009 to 2016. They also became one of the best-selling girl groups ever before they disbanded in 2016.

She is one of the most popular celebrities in not just Korea, but also in the Philippines and has appeared in many television commercials over the years. She has also been seen making brand endorsements for world-famous brands like Adidas, Fila, Samsung, Intel, Baskin Robbins, Yamaha and many such more.

4. Han Ji-sung’s Black and White Converse Look

Is Converse popular in Korea

Doesn’t Han look pretty cool in this picture! Looks like those Converse Run Star Hike shoes were made just for him.

Han, also known as Han Ji-sung, is a 21 year old South Korean rapper and singer who is also known to be a producer and songwriter. He belongs to the eight-member boy band ‘Stray Kids’, who work under JYP Entertainment. They made their debut in 2018, on the 25th of March.

Han has been seen contesting in two reality shows namely ‘Stray Kids’ in 2017 and ‘King of mask Singer’ in the 197th episode, back in 2019.

He is also known to be a part of 3RACHA, along with two others as part of their rap trio and they made their debut in 2017 after releasing three mixtapes.

5. Jennie Kim Sophisticated Converse Ensemble

jennie converse with star on back

Well, what’s not to love about Jennie’s super fashionable dressing sense right? She looks good in everything that she wears including her Converse Run Star Hike shoes.

Jennie, born as Jennie Kim, is a 26 year-old South Korean singer. She is also known to be a fabulous rapper and is one among the four girls in the all-girl band BLACKPINK, formed under the YG Entertainment Company and made their debut back in 2016.

Jennie has been known to have a keen eye for fashion ever since she was a child and recalls how she got the fashion gene from her mother. The group Blackpink released their first ever single ‘Solo’, in 2016 as their debut and guess what, Jennie is known to have styled her own outfits for the music video.

Jennie has done several brand endorsements in the past and was also chosen by Chanel Korea as their muse. She also worked for Calvin Klein in 2021 and became the face of their 2021 Spring Collection. 

6. Ennik Somi Douma’s Glam Converse Style

what shoes do kpop idols wear

Doesn’t Soumi look very classy and elegant with that beautiful black dress, totally rocking her Converse Run Star Motion shoes? In my opinion, she looks super gorgeous! Jeon Soumi has become the ambassador of Converse in Korea, as of 2022.

Soumi is a 21 year old of South Korean origin, but Canadian born singer and rapper. She is also a fabulous dancer working under the South Korean record label ‘The Black Label’.

Jeon Soumi gained extreme popularity in 2016 after she emerged the winner of the competition ‘Produce 101’, a group survival reality show that aired on Mnet. She is also a member of I.O.I., an all-girl group formed after this show, by C J E&M.

Soumi made her debut in 2019 under The Black Label with the single album ‘Birthday’. Thereafter, she went on to release her debut studio album in 2021 called ‘XOXO’.

7. Yoo Jeong-yeon’s Dark Academia Converse Look

converse kpop outfit

Totally rocking the black dress with an oversized blazer look, is Jeong-yeon! She looks simply fabulous in her outfit along with her white Converse Run Star shoes.

The 25 year old is a singer belonging to the infamous all-girl nine member group ‘Twice’, formed by JYP Entertainment back in 2015, the same year they made their debut. Jeong-yeon is known to have trained for five years before she made her debut with Twice.

She is also well-known for participating in ‘Sixteen’, in 2015. This was a television reality competition which was held in order to determine and choose who the members of the group Twice were going to be and well, Jeong-yeon got through.

8. Park Soo-young Summer Converse Style

kpop idol shoes

Well, let’s take a minute to check out how elegant and pretty Park soo-young looks in a lovely floral top matching perfectly with her light blue jeans. She is totally rocking the Converse Run Star shoes too, isn’t she?

Park Soo-young, well-known by her stage name Joy is a 25 year old South Korean born singer and actress, who is also well-known for hosting shows.  She is one of the five members of the all-girl group, Red Velvet who made their debut in 2014.

Joy also made her debut in 2017, as an actress and has starred in a few television shows like ‘The Liar and His Lover’ in 2017, ‘Tempted’ in 2018 and ‘the One and Only’ in 2021, after her debut.

She has also made her debut as a solo artist in 2021, with her newly released album ‘Hello’.

9. Kim Jun-myeon’s Converse on Denim Outfit

txt converse shoes

Check out the super handsome Kim Jun-myeon in his denim jacket sporting his Black Converse Run Star shoes perfectly!

Kim Jun-myeon, better known as Suho, is a 31 year old South Korean born singer and songwriter, who is also well-known for being an actor. He is the lead vocalist of the all-boy Korean-Chinese group ‘EXO’ and is also currently the leader of the group. EXO made their debut back in 2012.

He has also released ‘Self-Portrait’, an extended play, as a solo artist in 2020. Apart from his music career, Suho has also acted in quite a few television dramas and movies including ‘How Are U Bread’ in 2020, ‘One Way Trip’ in 2016, ‘Middle School Girl A’ in 2018, ‘The Universe’s Star’ in 2017 and ‘Rich Man’ in 2018.

Suho is known to be the first member of EXO to have won all the three shows in the Korean broadcast. Suho’s extended play ‘Self-Portrait’ topped at number one on the Gaon Album Chart selling over 250,000 copies in South Korea.

Suho has already released his second mini album, with SM Entertainment on the 4th of April 2022, called ‘Grey Suit’.

The Final Takeaway On Times Idols Rocked the Converse Run Star

Well, looks like these K-Pop Idols really rocked their look in their Converse Run Star shoes, right?

If these K-Pop stars could pull off this look, I’m sure you can too! 

So if you’re a fan of the Converse brand, then go ahead and try laying your hands on one of these super cool (and pricey as well!) shoes and I’m sure you’ll love them too!

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