Top Youtubers In South Korea

15 Top Youtubers In South Korea 2023

We all know how famous influencers on Instagram and Tiktok are getting. But it was actually Youtube that started the trend of the “social media celebrity.”

And in a country like South Korea who is so tech-savvy and tuned into social media, there are several top Youtube celebrities.

Some of these celebrities even have a fan base outside of Korea, thanks to the growing influence of Korean popular culture. And well, because the internet doesn’t have boundaries!

In this article, I’ve listed out some of the top Youtubers in South Korea this year.

The list is in no particular order and I chose the Youtubers based on not only their subscribers but also their engagements and cultural impact. 

Top Youtubers In South Korea 2021


Type of Content: Comedy

Number of Subscribers: 3.8 Million

Okay so technically speaking, Workman individually doesn’t own the Youtube account. However, there is no entertainment label behind this work. 

So even if it’s run by the channel Studio LuluLala, I consider Workman one of the top YouTubers in South Korea.

Workman is a well-known TV personality and his real name is Jang Sung-kyu.

You might have seen his videos where he goes to different parts of the country and takes up blue-collar jobs that “regular” people do.

And how this always results in hilarity due to his diva-like personality.


Type of Content: Food Reviews, Mukbang, React Videos

Number of Subscribers: 7.3 Million

If you’re looking for some good YouTubers in South Korea that are child-friendly then here are my favorites!

Twin Roozi is a channel that features two adorable twin girls who eat all kinds of yummy candy and food and review it.

You can also see their hilarious reactions to viral Youtube videos like the one of someone eating an octopus for a Mukbang or the Turkish ice-cream vendor. 


Type of Content: Vlog, Toy Review, Food Review

Number of Subscribers: 36.9 Million

Now, this is of the South Korean YouTubers I’m super jealous of. Boram is a child Youtuber who shot to fame after her vlogs and toy reviews went viral.

This account is managed by Boram’s parents and is super popular with Korean children.

If you just compare the subscriber count of Boram and the other YouTubers on this list, you’ll see how famous she actually is!

Boram has two separate youtube channels one for her toy reviews and one for her daily vlogs.

Sungha Jung

Type of Content: Music, Song Covers

Number of Subscribers:  6.6 Million

Sometimes, all you need from Youtube is good old-fashioned way of being entertained. And that’s what Sungha Jung does.

This Korean Youtuber is a fingerstyle guitarist that plays songs from a variety of genres like pop, rock, contemporary, classical, and even jazz in acoustic fashion.

He is actually one of the oldest Korean YouTubers out there as he created his account way back in 2009.

Sungha Jung shot to fame with his viral rendition of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme which garnered over 62 million views worldwide.

PONY Syndrome

Type of Content: Makeup, Beauty, Vlogs

Number of Subscribers: 5.8 Million

If you’ve been scrolling through reels or Tiktoks and saw a Korean woman who can transform into Taylor Swift in seconds, then you’ve probably found a snippet from Pony’s Youtube videos.

Pony Syndrome is one of Korea’s most popular beauty and makeup channels.

Park Hye-Min or Pony as she’s known to her 5.8 million followers isn’t just a makeup artist. She reviews several Korean skincare products and has collaborated with many brands.

In fact, she owns a skincare line of her own called Pony Effect. 

Korean Englishman

Type of Content: Food Reviews, Mukbangs, Vlogs

Number of Subscribers: 3 Million

The Korean Englishman is one of the most viewed foreign YouTubers in Korea. The channel is run by two English people called Josh and Collie who love Korean culture. And it shows!

Their most popular videos are the ones where they try out delicious Korean cuisines such as Korean chicken, ramen, samgyeopsal, and other dishes. 

They were initially based out of South Korea, but no longer live there.

The channel is very popular in the US and other western countries. In fact, Josh and Ollie even got Chris Hemsworth to come and join them to try some Korean snacks.


Type of Content: Mukbang, Vlogs, Unpacking Videos

Number of Subscribers: 3.9 Million

Bokyem is known for doing a lot of Mukbang videos and making daily vlogs about his life.

But what really made Bokyem shoot to fame was his parcel unwrapping video series.

He urged his viewers to send him parcels to unwrap which are cash on delivery.

Allegedly, a teenage boy had send Bokyem 250 parcels as a prank!

Jane ASMR 

Type of Content: ASMR, Mukbang

Number of Subscribers: 8.4 Million

If there’s one thing that has become so culturally relevant thanks to Youtube, it’s ASMR!

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and is a sort of relaxing response your body has after coming in contact with pleasurable stimuli.

On Youtube, it refers to a subculture where people make vidoes of themselves talking in a soft whispery voice that is supposed to be calming.

Jane’s channel is perhaps the most popular ASMR channel in Korea with over 8 million subscribers and growing. 

Her mukbang ASMR videos are her most popular hits!


Type of Content: Music, Covers

Number of Subscribers: 17.2 Million

Sometimes, social media can give a platform for amazing talent to flourish and such is the case with JFlaMusic.

This is the channel of Kim Jung-Hwa, a Korean artist who sings covers of popular Korean and English songs.

Like Sungha Jung, she’s been on Youtube for almost a decade with her first video being uploaded in 2011.

JFlaMusic’s covers of Despacito and Shape of You have got millions of views on Youtube. 

Hongyu ASMR

Type of Content: Mukbang, ASMR

Number of Subscribers: 9.4 Million

Hongyu ASMR is another popular ASMR channel. But while Jane ASMR focused on making a proper mukbang video to demonstrate her ASMR skills,  Hongyu focuses on eating candy.

The soft crunching and biting sound she makes as she eats candy after candy seems to leave viewers mesmerized. 

The visuals she uses in her videos are amazing too! 


Type of Content: Mukbang

Number of Subscribers: 7.5 Million

If you’re wondering where the octopus Mukbang trend started, you’ll have Hamzy to thank for that. 

She’s one of the most popular mukbang YouTubers in South Korea and also one of the oldest.

Hamzy has been uploading videos since 2012!

Recently, she was in the center of a controversy involving kimchi. Yes, kimchi!

After liking a comment by a Korean fan about the claims Chinese have to ssam (a Korean wrap of sorts), Hamzy invited anger from her Chinese viewers. 

Dung gae dung – 떵개떵

Type of Content: Mukbang

Number of Subscribers: 3.7 Million


Type of Content: Covers, Dance Tutorials

Number of Subscribers: 3.7 Million


Type of Content: Vlogs, Comedy, Animal Videos

Number of Subscribers: 2.7 Million


Type of Content: Animal Videos

Number of Subscribers: 3.8 Million

FAQs – Top Youtubers In South Korea

Top youtubers in south korea

Is Youtube available in South Korea?

Yes, Youtube is available in South Korea. Korean citizens have been able to upload videos on Youtube since 2012 when their internet censorship laws changed. 
Youtube Premium is also available in South Korea for a subscription fee of 9,500 won. 

Where do South Koreans post videos apart from Youtube?

In a survey conducted in September 2018, it was discovered that about 90.7 percent of Korean citizens use the platform Youtube to stream and upload videos.
But there are other, less popular social media platforms for posting videos such as Kakoa Talk,, Daum TV, etc.

What is Hamzy’s real name?

The Korean youtuber Hamzy’s real name is Ham Ji-hyeong. She became famous online for her Mukbangs in which she talks to her viewers while eating a variety of Korean food. 

Which is the most subscribed Korean youtube channel in 2021?

The most subscribed Korean youtube channel in 2021 isn’t actually a youtube or content creator. 
It’s the channel called HYBE LABELS which is the official channel of Korean entertainment and record label the Hybe Corporation.
BigHit Entertainment, KOZ Entertainment, Source Music and other labels are subsidiaries of the same company.
If you’re in the Kpop fandom, you will know that the corporation are the one that created BTS.

With the help of social media, anyone can get their 15 minutes of fame quickly. But these YouTubers are a set apart as they are great content creators as well.

I love watching their channels as they are so entertaining.

You can check them out too! 

And if you’re inspired to get your own Youtube channel, you’re not alone.

A lot of millennials are now trying to become content creators as youtube and Instagram can be a fantastic source of secondary income. 

So these top YouTubers in South Korea can also give you some inspiration on how to do social media right!

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