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Meet TWICE Mina’s Family Members | Are They Rich? Or Royalty?

In this article, I’ve gathered the profile of TWICE Mina’s family members including her brother and parents. I’ve also answered questions about whether Mina’s from a rich family and whether her family are royalty.

Mina Myoui is one of the sub-vocalist and main dancers of the Kpop girl group TWICE. The Japanese singer is known for her elegant, graceful aura and versatile talent in dancing when performing on stage.

She is known as the Princess of Twice due to her personality, but she is also known as Penguin given her sense of humor that’s why her members, fans and even the netizens love her!

Her success with TWICE extended beyond just her singing and dancing abilities to her exquisite beauty. She learned ballet for 11 years and moved to learn modern dance.

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In addition, she has a soft, angelic and soothing voice. With such tremendous talent, Mina took just over a year to make her debut in TWICE.

While out shopping in Osaka with her mother, she got an offer to audition at JYP Entertainment. Beginning in January 2014, TWICE’s Mina was qualified to join as a trainee at JYP.

Mina participated in “SIXTEEN”, a survival show in which she finished 4th place and made it to the final line up, and joined TWICE.

TWICE Mina’s Family Members

TWICE Mina Facts About Her Family

  1. Mina and her family are Japanese.
  2. Mina has an athletic older brother.
  3. Mina has the shortest span of time training before making her TWICE debut.
  4. Mina’s English name is Sharon. 
  5. Mina does exercises like yoga and pilates when she’s on her diet. 
  6. Mina was born in Texas, San Antonio, USA. 
  7. Mina loves ketchup, even in eggs! 
  8. Mina quit ballet to become an idol after having an argument with her parents.  
  9. Mina grew up attending elite ballet classes as well as having dual nationalities.
  10. Mina’s updated height is 163 cm while her weight is 46 kgs.
is twice mina family rich
Source: @mina_sr_my

This raised questions about her relatives as well and there are a lot of rumors in Japan concerning the family of TWICE’s Mina. So, stick around and know more about her family!

Introducing TWICE’s Mina’s Parents and Brother

Mina’s Father: One of the Best Surgeon at Osaka University Hospital

Mina’s father, Akira Myoui is a really well renowned orthopaedist at Osaka University Hospital. He is a truly excellent surgeon at Osaka University Hospital, a regional referral institute. Isn’t that cool?

He has an impressive career, graduating from Osaka University Medical School in Suita, Japan, in 1986 and earning his Ph.D. in 1993. 

In Japan, it has impressive and modern facilities.

Her father even spoke at a medical conference at Monash University. Moreover, he was appointed as an assistant professor in the Department of Orthopedics within a year.

twice mina family photos
Source: Instagram@twicexmina

After only 12 years, her father became a clinical professor at the Medical Center for Translation Research (MTR) then in 2017, he was officially appointed director of MTR. 

He received numerous honors, including the Economy, Trade, and Industry Minister’s Prize in 2015, membership on the ARO council, and appointment as managing editor of the Journal of Artificial Organs and the Japanese Society for Biomaterials.

Mina’s Mother: The Supportive & Loving Mother

Have you ever imagined how TWICE’s Mina could have looked decades ago? Because the explanation is right here—she resembled her daughter exactly!

Sachiko Myoui, where Mina got her good looks from, is rumored to be a prominent lawyer in Japan, even if that rumor may or may not be true, Mina’s family background is still impressive, what an amazing family Mina came from! 

Mina’s mother used to have Instagram in which she posts throwback photos of Mina and many more, but a few years later she decided to deactivate her account, no one can tell what reason it was for her to delete that account, but some have said it was due to some privacy and of course everyone should respect that.

She may not have much information on the internet, but there are a lot of photos of her showing support to her daughter, Mina! 

twice mina's family members

Even fans had spotted her a lot of times during TWICE’s concert over the years, especially TWICE’s latest concert tour that was held in the US just months ago!

Mina’s father and mother are always there to show love and support for their daughter Mina and the whole group TWICE! Aren’t they the most supportive parents? How sweet! They surely adore their daughter and love the girl group, TWICE.

Mina’s parents and the other members parents also appeared once in TWICE’s show thats was held in 2016, TWICE’s Private Life episode 8 dated in April,19 2016 just recently after they made their third comeback with Cheer Up, Mina’s mother said “It almost made me emotional seeing Mina having so many fans to show love and support to her.”

Even though Mina’s parents appeared for only a short time, the netizens can’t help but praise Mina’s parents for showing their love and having such a calm personality like their daughter.

Mina and her mother do really look alike, just like a princess and they can even be mistaken as twins, good looks really does run in their family!

Mina’s Brother: The Sporty Big Brother with a Soft Heart

Mina has a soft and delicate image, but her brother is the exact opposite of her! Her brother has a body built just perfect for football! Mina’s brother plays for American football in Japan where some photos of him went viral and resurfaced in the internet on how big the difference was between him and Mina’s size!

The elder brother studied in the United States, while his father practiced medicine for a short time. He loves rugby for sport and he may look strong enough to fight, but he actually has a soft spot for his little sister, Mina! Pretty cute right?

A photograph of Mina and Kai was also discovered, clearly highlighting how their extreme size disparity has existed since they were young. It was Mina’s mother who posted a throwback picture of Mina and her brother. Look how adorable Mina and her brother are, she is so small and such a cutie! 

Mina’s brother is just as supportive as his mother because he was also seen attending several TWICE’s concerts and he even has pictures with some of TWICE’s managers! It was also said that he attended TWICELAND along with Chaeyoung’s younger brother! 

During the group’s 4th comeback with “Knock Knock” in 2017, Mina said during an interview with KBS “Entertainment Weekly” the group talked about their first ever concert, the MC was asked the group “Who was the most memorable fan during the concert?” In which Mina replied “My older brother came to my concert and it’s the first time I have seen him in two years.”

Now that is very touching! She also said instead of feeling emotional, she felt funny seeing her brother.

They asked her to send a message for him and she sent him a message saying “I’m glad to see you’re healthy. Thank you for coming to the concert.” Not only Mina’s parents showed up to TWICE’s concerts to show support, and of course her brother as well!

She can absolutely not be meddled with, or her brother will consider giving you a lecture– so watch out!

With titled names around in the family, the Myoui family are really something else! Mina had mentioned her family often in her interviews whenever a question was asked related to them, she even said she gifted her parents and her brother a car. That’s really thoughtful of her!

Aside from being such a charm, Mina is so generous and bighearted.

Mina and her family’s privacy matters and should be respected by the fans. Not just because of her name being known in the public, it doesn’t mean her family is included– that’s why there is not much information about Mina’s family on the internet.

What’s more is the group’s latest concert which was held last December 2021 till May 2022, TWICE’s 4th World Tour “III” their second worldwide concert held in Korea and the US.

Also, one of the cities they toured in was Texas, which is Mina’s birthplace! It got her excited to visit her hometown again after so many years, she also said that it was her dream to perform there, now it finally came true! Without a doubt, it is truly a pleasure for her performing in her own hometown.

In addition, during Nayeon’s vlog, Mina appeared and Nayeon asked her how she felt performing in her hometown for the first time, Mina responded that she was feeling grateful because a lot of people welcomed them there. Mina also said that she couldn’t remember much when she was still a toddler back in Texas.

Mina has said that she visits Texas every two years with her parents. Of course, her parents attended the Fort Worth concert, ONCE’s are so lucky to see TWICE perform in Texas!

We all wish to be Mina and have a sweet, supporting parents, and a protective yet soft brother! ❤️

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