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TWICE Sana Weight Loss Journey 2023 | Diet Plan and Workout Routine to Achieve a Slender Figure

Want to know TWICE Sana weight loss journey? I’ve listed out her workout routine and diet plan here! You can also check out Sana’s height and weight.

Fans all know TWICE’s Sana for her cuteness and amazing talent, with perfect body proportions, Sana has it all!

I will show you how Sana’s size has changed over the years, but before all of that let’s start with Sana’s basic background information!

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how did sana from twice lose weight
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Sana is one of the most popular female idols in the Kpop industry, with her gorgeous looks and adorable aegyo. Who can’t resist this girl?

Before she appeared and participated in the show SIXTEEN by 2015, Sana was already a trainee for three years and seven months for JYP Entertainment. 

Rewinding back to her trainee days, Sana used to attend EXPG (Exile Professional Gym) a vocal and dance academy in which she trained in Osaka, Japan.

Sana’s passion has always been singing and dancing and Sana’s parents fully supported her dream. When she was still in middle school back in 2012 at the age of 14, she was scouted by a JYP casting associate and the agent convinced her to audition.

When she agreed, the agent invited her to attend the 2011 JYP Japan Audition and of course, Sana did pass the audition.

Sana was one of the most famous contestants known in SIXTEEN, a reality show where sixteen female contestants need to compete with one another with their dancing and singing skills but also their personality.

She was known well for her performance with making Spring Rolls, which surprised the judges, participants and even got JYP himself smitten for her!

Sana was able to showcase her multi talented abilities and her charismatic personality where she got the viewers falling hard for her!

TWICE Sana Weight Loss Journey

Sana was able to secure a spot to the final line up of the show in which she ranked in 5th place coming from the Major Team. She later debuted with TWICE in 2015 and that was just the beginning of Sana’s journey of her entertainment career, and TWICE’s success in the Kpop Industry.

TWICE’S Sana’s Diet Plan

Many people look up to Sana for fitness motivation, eager to know more about her diet and exercise dedication in addition to her charming personality and remarkable talents. Here is what I do know about the Japanese TWICE member’s meal plan.

Sana normally just goes on a diet when necessary and isn’t extremely worried about gaining weight. She actually avoids restrictive diets and typically eats anything she likes to gratify her desires and cravings.

Did you know? Sana eats three meals each day in balance and with fewer calories if she needs to go on a diet, though. She commonly eats eggs, salmon, salad with chicken breast, and paired with a fresh juice. What a healthy meal!

Furthermore, a great majority of her followers recognized the physical transformation and are well aware that Sana had started a particular diet. Sana reduced the number of calories she consumed daily as part of her diet plan.

Her meal plan is rather uncomplicated and nutritionally balanced, but the final outcome is also incredible. Want to give it a shot?

twice sana diet plan
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She has been able to effectively draw surprise from her fans thanks to her weight loss makeover. Even if she added some abs, she still managed to maintain such a beautiful and healthy body. Do you aspire to have Sana from TWICE’s beautiful and fit body? Let’s discover the secrets. 

Sana works out with a personal trainer who is very attentive to her schedule. Sana could lift 45 kg using the leg presses workout, to increase her strength according to her trainer.

Apart from her hectic schedule, Sana always manages time to work out in the gym! So it makes sense that she met her body-related goal. In addition, she doesn’t just follow a casual diet; her key secret is consistent exercise.

She has engaged in a variety of workouts, which would include yoga which helps with her flexibility. Sana practiced yoga with Tzuyu and Chaeyoung on the TWICE Private Life show. She used to have a lot of trouble, but it was doable!

Aside from those, her primary type of exercise is dancing, which is a must-have for any K-Pop celebrity’s training routine and aids in fat and calorie loss.

She never specified how long she often spent practicing her dance moves, but idols typically put in at least an hour and a half.


twice diet and workout
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Sana added that she practices pilates along with TWICE Nayeon to improve her flexibility on days when she has no plans and that she normally dedicates at least two hours to each session.

So, would you follow Sana’s healthy eating and exercise plan?

The Blooming Transformation of TWICE’s Sana

Before Sana debuted with TWICE, she participated in SIXTEEN, a reality show. Sana was one of the most known contestants during the show that had aired because of her charming personality and amazing talent.

But not only that, her body was just as perfect for an idol!

Sana was still quite young when she joined the show which is why her appearance looked quite round and baby-ish but as the years went by, Sana went from a cute teen to a grown beautiful woman along with her TWICE members as also their quality in music has skyrocketed!

When TWICE’s first song “Like OOH-AHH” was released in 2015, Sana really has a body perfect just for an idol with a healthy figure, the shape of her face was a bit round. Sana’s all around body was slim, especially her waist but not that skinny. 

twice weight loss sana

With their second comeback in “Cheer Up” 2016, Sana showed signs of weight loss where her stomach got thinner, and she reduced the baby fat off her face but Sana’s legs remained the same.

How did sana lose weight

TWICE’s third comeback “TT” in 2016, Sana appeared to have lost weight drastically. Her ribs were visible when she performed on stage, Sana’s face had gotten skinnier so did her legs in between her thighs and calves. 

For the fourth comeback, “Knock Knock” in 2017 , Sana’s appearance hadn’t changed much, it was still the same as “TT”.

To their fifth comeback for “SIGNAL” in 2017, from her drastic weight loss since “TT” era Sana’s face got rounder compared to the last two comebacks they had. Sana’s legs hadn’t changed much but her thighs got minimal changes for this era.

The same year as 2017, TWICE also made their sixth comeback with “LIKEY”. Sana’s appearance didn’t change as much, but her face and legs got thinner minimally. This made the ONCE’s realize where Sana loses her weight which is mostly on her face and legs.

Just like their comeback with “LIKEY” last November, TWICE also made another comeback the same year with “SIGNAL” last May. “Heart Shaker ” was only a quick comeback within a given short time in promoting the latest song of their seventh comeback in December.

So there weren’t any big changes in Sana’s appearance during this comeback, she was still skinny around her face and legs but still remained healthy.

For TWICE’s eight comeback with “What is Love?” in April 2018, Sana’s face became slightly rounder but there was no difference elsewhere that has changed based on her appearance.

The ninth comeback of TWICE for “Dance the Night Away” in July 2018  a summer themed song. Sana’s appearance is not much of a change but she lost weight on her thighs and face, nothing more, nothing less.

TWICE’s tenth comeback with “Yes or Yes” in November 2018, Sana’s face got a little chubbier and her waist has gotten slimmer.

In April 2019, TWICE made their twelfth comeback with “FANCY”, Sana’s appearance didn’t change very much but her legs have gotten healthier compared to her past eras. Her abs were much more visible now even when she used to have them a long time ago. Blonde hair looks good on her! 

“Feel Special” was also released the same year with their comeback “FANCY” in September, so the comebacks went on with “More and More” and “I Can’t Stop Me” in 2020. Moreover,  “Alcohol Free”, “The Feels” and “Scientist” in 2021 just last year, the Japanese comebacks aren’t even included. The only thing has changed is that Sana has only gotten prettier and prettier in every comeback! 

How can I lose weight fast like KPOP idols
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Most Kpop idols have extreme, strict diets and exercise routines, while Sana never really stressed much about her weight and size.

Sana only keeps her body healthy and fit when it comes to maintaining her size and weight unlike other artists who push themselves to the limit. Sana has the positivity that we all strive for!

Sana did lose weight gradually in a healthy manner, she might have had slight changes in her body and face in these past eras, but overall she remained the same. Sana did lose and gained weight from time to time but she does it progressively and healthily.

There weren’t very drastic changes in Sana each comeback, she never looked too skinny or too chubby. TWICE’s Sana maintains a balanced diet and she is a healthy role model for an idol who can inspire and motivate her fans!

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