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TXT MBTI Personality Types Revealed | Check Your Romantic Compatibility And More

Check out the TXT MBTI personality types! Find out more about Beomgyun’s MBTI, Soobin’s MBTI, and Yeonjun’s MBTI and if you’re compatible with them.

After BTS reached new heights internationally, HYBE labels (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment) soon launched a new Kpop boy group called TXT.

The full form of TXT is Tomorrow X Together and this group consists of 5 members – Soobin, Beomgyun, Taehyun, Yeonjun and Huening Kai.

Since their debut in March 2019, TXT has since won many awards and appeared in the Billboard World Music and Emerging Artists Charts. 

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The TXT fandom is called MOA which stands for Moments of Alwaysness and consists of die-hard fans of this Kpop group.

Now, these fans are always interested in more news about their idols and also want to get to know them better.

So I thought today I’ll list out the personality types of TXT members and explain them to you. This way you can also find if psychologically your fave TXT member and you are compatible! 

What is the MBTI Personality Types?

The MBTI test or Meyer-Briggs personality test is a self-assessment test that lets you find out your personality characteristics, communication styles, strengths and weaknesses through measuring four preferences or “dichotomies”.

These include introversion-extroversion, thinking-feeling, sensing-intuition, and judging-perceiving. 

kpop mbti test

So according to the dichotomy the person presents, they can be classified into 16 personality types that include:


TXT MBTI Personality Types 

Here the MBTI personality types of the various TXT members. TXT has taken all the MBTI tests, and these results are accurate and not a speculation on my part. 

Soobin – ISFP – The Adventurer

soobin txt mbti
Source: Instagram@kpop_idol_mbti

Soobin has been found to be an ISFP or the Adventurer personality type. These people are sensitive, kind and charismatic. They are also fiercely independent and get along well with almost everyone.

But they can also be indecisive and hard to pin down. So someone who is more grounded like an ENFJ or an ESFJ will be their perfect match. 

ISFP Personality Characteristics:

  • ISFP people are very charming and this is perhaps the most defining personality trait
  • They are like chameleons and blend into different situations, cultures, and social groups with ease, despite the introversion
  • ISFPs are very artistic and curious and often loves creating and learning new things
  • Due to their adventurous nature these personalities are often hard to pin down. You might find it difficult to get an ISFP to commit. 
  • They are also wildly unpredictable for this very reason. As they can blend in so well with almost any group, you can find it difficult to tell who they really are!

Most Compatible MBTI Compatibility:


Beomgyu – ENFJ – The Protagonist

txt beomgyu mbti
Source: Instagram@kpop_idol_mbti

Despite Soobin the de facto leader of the group TXT, it is Beomgyu who fits the archetype of the “leader” according to his MBTI personality.

Beomgyu being an ENFJ means that he is very charismatic, very idealistic and very compassionate. 

These people have a strong set of values they tend to live by and despite being kind do not tend to react well to people with opposing views. 

The perfect match for an ENFJ like Beomgyu is someone who “goes with the flow” and can see multiple points of view in one go like an INFP. 

Someone who can get the ENFJ open up and loosen up a little like the ENTP is also a good match. 

ENFJ Personality Characteristics:

  • ENFJs are thoughtful, charismatic and exude charisma
  • Often make great leaders as they possess the ability to make people listen to them
  • These people are passionate, idealistic, compassionate, and altruistic 
  • But the downside to these personality types is that they can take all the above-mentioned “good” personality traits and turn them up to the nth degree.
  • So they can be overly-idealistic and condescending to anyone who doesn’t agree with their world view. 
  • They also tend to bottle up emotions to maintain their persona of the “leader”

Most Compatible MBTI Compatibility:


Yeonjun & Huening Kai – ENFP – The Campaigner

txt yeonjun mbti
Source: Instagram@kpop_idol_mbti

ENFPs have got to be my favorite MBTI types as an INFP. So I was really happy to see that not one but two members of TXT are ENFPs.

This particular personality type is called the Campaigner. They are supposed to be fun-loving, loyal, bold, and energetic. 

Imagine a golden retriever puppy in human form. Now that’s what an ENFP is! 

A fellow feeler such as an INFJ or INFP can truly get the ENFP on a spiritual level. 

The other side to the ENFP personality is that they can be scatter-brained and rely too much on emotion and too little on logic. So someone with a more developed “Te” can be a good match with ENFP. 

An INTJ and ENFP always form the best “opposites attract” couple. Ever heard of the “grumpy X sunshine” trope. Well, these two are it! 

txt mbti personality database
Source: Instagram@kpop_idol_mbti

ENFP Personality Characteristics:

  • ENFPs are warm-hearted, open, and loyal
  • They fall in love easily and love sharing their lives with another person
  • They are imaginative, creative and tend to seek joy and positivity in their interactions with people 
  • The good thing about campaigners is that they are full of passion and ardor. 
  • The downside to this passion is that they can come off as needy and clingy

Most Compatible MBTI Compatibility:


Taehyun – ESTP – The Entrepreneur 

taehyun txt mbti
Source: Instagram@kpop_idol_mbti

Taehyun from TXT wears many caps. He is a dancer, rapper, and vocalist. And it’s not surprising at all if you know that his personality type is ESTP or the Entrepreneur. 

These social butterflies love keeping it light and move from one group to another seeking mental stimulation.

So someone who grounds them such as an ISTJ or an ISFJ would be a fit for them. 

ESTP Personality Characteristics:

  • ESTP are highly social and tend to seek out lighthearted conversations
  • They do not well in tightly controlled and regimented environments
  • ESTPs often external stimuli like passion, drama, adventure 
  • They are very logical because of their Se-Ti dominance but tend to appear as emotional as they are impulsive 
  • This personality type is very good at sensing the changes in the environment around them and making split second decisions based on that.
  • The downsides of this personality type is that they can fail to see the bigger picture and get impatient.
  • They can also be rebellious for no reason and create chaos.

Most Compatible MBTI Compatibility:


FAQs about TXT MBTI Personality Types 

If you want to know more about the MBTI personality types of your favorite Kpop idols, not limited to TXT, you can check out the section below. I have tried answering some frequently asked questions about popular Kpop idols. 

Is Beomgyu an ENFJ?

Yes, Beomgyu from TXT has the Meyer Briggs personality type of the ENFJ. These types are also called the “Protagonists” and share some features with the Jungian archetype of the heroes. ENFJs are supposed to be loyal, steadfast, diplomatic, caring and persevering in their nature. They are also supposed to have fantastic leadership skills and emotional quotient. 

Who is ENFP in txt?

Among the Kpop group TXT, two of the members Yeonjun and Huening Kai have been found to be the ENFP personality type according to the Meyer Briggs personality assessment tool. These people are also called the campaigners and are supposed to have a loud, bold, and extroverted personality. ENFPs are optimistic, friendly, kind, and talkative. 

What is Yeonjun’s personality?

Yeojun from TXT’s personality type according to the MBTI tool is ENFP. This stands for Extroversion, Intuition, Feeling and Perceiving. 
These types of people are supposed to be extroverted or gaining energy for the outside world, very intuitive in their responses, have a sense of subjectivity instead of being objective and usually see things in the bigger picture. 

Which kpop idols MBTI is ENFP?

The ENFP type is very famous among Kpop idols. A lot of idols come under this personality type including Yeonjun and Huening Kai from TXT, Sana from TWICE, Kim Namjoon and Kim Taehyung from BTS, Yeri from Red Velvet, Felix from Stray Kids among others. 

Final Thoughts About TXT Members MBTI Personality Types 

TXT is soon emerging to be one of the most popular Kpop groups in the world.

So it’s no wonder that the five members, Soobin, Taehyun, Yeonjun, Kai, and Beomgyu find themselves the center of their fans’ attention.

While there is only so much you can figure out about a celebrity, these MBTI personality tests can give more insight on them.

Also, I would like to stress that the MBTI test is not a scientific tool for psychometric analysis. So take the results with a grain of salt. 

If you want to know what your MBTI is or need an in-depth analysis of your idols, you can check out 16personalities.com or similar MBTI testing sites for more information. 

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