Types And Cost of Double Eyelid Surgery In Korea

3 Main Types And Cost of Double Eyelid Surgery In Korea | Complete Guide

In this article I’ve detailed the types and cost of double eyelid surgery in Korea. You can also check how common is double eyelid surgery in Korea and at what age you can get one.

While the world of K-Pop is growing at such a fast pace and is getting Korea into the news all the time. 

Well, here’s another feather in the cap of South Korea – its world dominance over plastic surgeries. Yes, you heard that right! South Korea is often renowned to be the capital of plastic surgery in the world.

So, for those who are planning to get yourself a double eyelid surgery done, then I’m sure you would want to get it done in the best clinic your purse can afford.

In this article I’ve explained all the details about double eyelid surgeries, its types and how much it costs, so you can decide whether getting it done in Korea is the best option for you or not.

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Types and Cost of Double Eyelid Surgery in Korea

What does double eyelid surgery mean

double eyelid surgery meaning

Double eyelid surgery is often confused with blepharoplasty. However, in fact it is just a form of blepharoplasty wherein a reconstruction of the eye is done by a plastic surgeon.

In this where the skin around the eye is restructured so that it forms a crease along the upper eyelid, for when a person doesn’t have a fold or crease which is natural, by birth.

Once the surgery is completed, the eyelid will not only have a crease, but will also make the eyes look bigger as there will be more space created between the top and bottom eyelid.

What are the types of double eyelids people can have?

Types of Double Eyelids What does it look like
Tapered type eyelidsWhen the eyelid has a crease that combines with the corner of the eye on one side and is visibly parallel to the upper eyelashes on the other side of the eye.
Monolids/ Epicanthal FoldsThese types of eyelids are those that have no crease and also known as epicanthal folds. This means that there is just one flap of skin, making the eye look narrower than those with double eyelids.
Eyelids with hoodHooded eyelids have an extra flap of skin that falls over the crease of the eyelid, which makes the eyelid almost invisible or non-existent.
Parallel type eyelidsWhen the eyelid creases on either side of the eye do not touch on either side of the eye corners and run parallelly above the upper eyelashes.
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Types of Double Eyelid Surgeries

Do all Koreans get double eyelid surgery
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1. Non-incision method

This method involves no incisions being made on the skin, but only involves the suturing of the skin in order to create the double eyelid. And hence this method is often called as the “buried suture method”.

The non-incision method surgery is done by puncturing holes (that are micro-sized), into the skin at the top of the upper eyelid and is then permanently sutured, in order to create the crease in the eyelid.

It is important to note that this method of double eyelid surgery is known to have the least recovery time as compared to the other two methods.

This is because the surgery involves no incisions being made on the skin. However, it may not be completely permanent as the sutures can wear off over time and the eyelid can go back to its original shape.

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2. Partial-incision method

This method is a permanent technique that creates a partial or very small incision in segments of the eyelid, so that the scarring is very less post-surgery. 

This is done to be able to remove the excess fat and tissues. The incision is made closer to the eye corners and doesn’t cover the entire eyelid.

The sutures or threads are then passed through these incisions and connect the skin to the levator muscle of the eye.

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3. Full-incision method

This method of double eye surgery is a permanent technique that involves cutting a layer of fat from the upper eyelid, making a horizontal incision and is then sutured in order to create the crease or the second eyelid.

Benefits of getting a double eyelid surgery

Most often monolids, tapered, hooded or parallel types of eyelids do not hinder vision. But for some people, there have been times where their vision has been hindered due to the lack of the crease in the eyelids. 

So, for those who have a lack of proper vision, then getting this surgery done can benefit your vision.

Also, those people who do not have double eyelids may often find themselves looking tired and find their eyes looking droopy, for no apparent reason. 

Well, this is because of the lack of the second eyelid and crease, that makes the eyes look much smaller than those who have the crease or double eyelids. So, getting a surgery done will eliminate this problem and deal with it effectively.

There are also some people who have uneven double eyelids, wherein one eye has just a monolid, tapered, hooded or parallel eyelid and the other eye has a double eyelid. 

In such cases, if you wish to have both your eyes to match in shape, then you can go in for the double eyelid surgery.

When you have double eyelids, it will make your eyes appear bigger than it was earlier. 

Well, it will definitely not change the size of your eyes, but it will restructure the skin in such a way that it will create the appearance of larger eyes.

Cost of getting a double eyelid surgery done in Korea

While many people think that getting a double eyelid surgery done in Korea will be cheaper than getting it done elsewhere, I’d like to say that the final surgery cost will depend on various factors and vary from person to person and surgeon to surgeon.

So, it is important to note that the prices of how much your surgery will finally cost will depend on a few factors like the type of surgery you want to get and the extent to which the reconstruction is going to match your facial features.

Also the type of surgery method you would want the surgeon to use, whether it is the full incision, partial incision or non-incision method can also affect the price. 

Taking into consideration all these aspects of the surgery, an average cost of a double eyelid surgery in Korea could range anywhere in between $1,500 to $3,000

These prices can vary (increase or decrease) depending on your surgeon.

1. Are getting double eyelid surgeries in South Korea cheaper than getting it done in the United States?

Well, the cost of your double eyelid surgery could vary depending on your plastic surgeon, so whether you’d get it cheaper or not depends on the doctor you’ve chosen to treat you.
But overall, in general and as per research, we can consider that getting a double eyelid surgery in South Korea may be relatively cheaper than getting it done in the US. 
While a double eyelid surgery in Korea can cost you anywhere between $1,500 to $3,000

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2. Is a double eyelid surgery the same as blepharoplasty?

Double eyelid surgery is done on those people who just have no eyelid crease, in order to change the appearance of the way the person’s eyelid looks and to give them the crease.
Blepharoplasty is where the eyelid is reconstructed in order to repair eyelids that droop or contain excess muscle, skin and fat. So, we can consider a double eyelid surgery to be one type  of blepharoplasty, but it isn’t considered the same.

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3. How long will it take for the scars to heal and completely recover from a double eyelid surgery?

Most often a complete healing and recovery should take around 5 to 6 months, but within a fortnight after post-surgery, most people often get back to their daily lives without any trouble, while still taking the necessary precautions and following the right post-surgery/after-care requirements.
It is important to note that while the scars may heal within 5 to 6 months in most cases, the scar of the incision may not completely disappear for even up to a year post-procedure in some rare cases.

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4. What can I expect after the double eyelid surgery in terms of recovery, healing and the after results?

Double eyelid surgeries can take anywhere up to an hour (or lesser), depending on your plastic surgeon. 
After the surgery is done, you may find that your eyelid movement is restricted and this is because the eyelids are sore and hence, they tighten. Your vision too may be restricted and feel blurry for a few days after the surgery.
Thereafter, while on medications, the pain will eventually reduce and the swelling may persist for a couple of weeks to a month post-surgery. Meanwhile, you will notice that the new appearance of your eyelids is starting to become more prominent.

The final takeaway

So, for those of you who are considering getting a double eyelid surgery, I hope this article has helped you find answers to all your questions.

While every surgery has risks involved, if you really want to get it done, then you can find yourself a reputed plastic surgeon and go through with the procedure. 

If it makes you feel any better, every year, there are over a million people who get this surgery done, so you will be one among the many.

If you’ve decided to get the surgery done, make sure to follow the right post-surgery/after-care requirements in order to ensure a smooth healing and speedy recovery process.

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