Who Are BTS Members Dating

Who Are BTS Members Dating In 2023 | Girlfriends, Relationship History And More

Who has BTS members dating? What are their girlfriends and exes names? Is Jungkook in a relationship? Find out everything about BTS dating rumours in this article! 

BTS is currently the hottest and cutest boy band in the world, with millions of fans around the globe, AKA the BTS army. Teenagers are crazy about their looks, clothes, and songs. 

With over 66 million Instagram followers and numerous record-breaking awards under their belt, the world has caught the BTS fever. 

Since most of the information about them is available on the internet, one thing that all the Korean boys have been successful in keeping secret is their love life. 

A question that often comes up is: do they have girlfriends? 

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Are they currently dating someone, or who were the lucky ones whom the BTS dated earlier? I am curious about their girlfriends (especially Jimin’s). 

If you are also one of the members of the BTS army like me and want to find out the dating list of these K- Pop sensations, then this blog is for you. We have covered the love life of all seven boys.

Since the formation of BTS in 2013, none of the members have publicly announced their relationships. They are not supposed to date someone publicly. Being a pop star in Korea is different from being one in America. 

Who Are BTS Members Dating

Who Is Jungkook Dating

is jungkook in a relationship

Let’s begin with Jung Kook. 

Before making his debut in the BTS group and starting his singing career, Park Se Won used to date a girl named Park Jung Kook during his school days. 

Later, a photo of both the couples kissing went viral. Sadly, we do not have much information available about the girl and how long they were together, but she was Jung’s first girlfriend.

According to a bunch of online reports, the type of woman he is looking for is someone who should be 5 feet 5 inches tall, be kind, know how to cook and be a great singer. 

The list goes on. His current relationship status is single, but it was also rumored that earlier, he was dating the famous K-Pop singer Jung Yein from the group called Lovelyz. People used to say that Jung Yein was the girl who fit into the definitive list of Jung Kook.

In the year 2015, he dated Kwon So-Hyun. They were given nicknames such as “Cookie” and “Mochi” that flooded the internet back then.

In the year 2015, he dated Kwon So-Hyun. They were given nicknames such as “Cookie” and “Mochi” that flooded the internet back then.

Who Is Jimin Dating

jimin ex girlfriends
Source: Instagram@jimins__jams.07

Next up on the list, we have Jimin. Like Jung, he also claims he is currently single. Once, he opened up about his one-sided love in the past. Rumors have followed that he was dating the famous K-Pop singer Han Seung-Yeon from the group called Kara. 

In an interview with Weekly Idol, Han noted that during the promotion of Mama Mia, it was great that both of their promotion periods overlapped, and Jimin has caught her eyes since then. 

Although Jimin never fully revealed his affair, he said that he likes someone a little cute and silly.

Who Is RM Dating

Rap Monster, the guy who seems to be caught up in dating rumors less than other BTS members. He is the only member who did admit to having a girlfriend.

In an interview, he revealed that his high school girlfriend was popular with boys and often made him doubt himself, so they broke up eventually. 

In 2017, it was rumored that he secretly had a girlfriend. During his interview with Billboard, he explained how emotional the outro of their favorite album, Love Yourself, is. It was considered that he was trying to express his love for someone he secretly admires.

There were different theories about what RM meant, but the most popular one was that he was probably hiding his secret girlfriend from his fans. 

Who Is Jin Dating

Like most BTS members, Jin has also faced some strong dating rumors. The biggest one that surrounded him was his secret date with famous comedian Lee Gook Joo in the year 2015, especially when Jim thanked her in the first three album notes. 

When Jin revealed that his ideal girlfriend would be some chubby girl, the fans believed he was talking about Lee.

In an interview, Lee said they had known each other for the last four years and were just good friends.

who is jin from bts dating
Source: Instagram@kdramastars_1

Who Is SUGA Dating

Talking about his relationship status, he clarified that he is too busy to date. Like Jimin, he once had a one-sided relationship with a classmate. 

At first, he didn’t dare to confess his love to her, but when he did, luckily, they both began to date each other. Unfortunately, things were very awkward and cold between the two. He admitted they did not date long and eventually broke up. 

The news came out that Suga was dating fellow Kpop pop star Suran after they both worked together on the song “Wine.” But eventually, this rumor came to an end before even starting. 

Who Is V Dating

This is the only guy who has been open about his love life. Allegedly, V was dating a BTS fan named Hi, and this was proven when V regularly used phrases like “HI Nuna” in his posts on Instagram. 

Although the other boys of the BTS management said that V and Hi were just good friends, they are in regular contact but aren’t dating. But the army can not be fooled that easily.

He travelled with V whenever he went overseas, and they secretly exchanged notes on the plane. V was also gifted a ring by Hi, which he posted a picture of. 

V opened up about his past relationships and admitted that he had multiple connections before the band was formed, but none were severe. 

He also added that he couldn’t refuse a confession, which might be why his multiple relationships didn’t last more than 20 days.

According to V, his ideal girl would be kind to his parents, can take care of his finances, and also has a warm heart.

Who Is J-Hope Dating

J-Hope is very much a heartbroken person. In an interview, he shared some details of his past relationship. Before joining the band, he was in a serious relationship with a girl, who later left him because of another man. 

Once, he dedicated a performance of the song “Solo” by the Dynamic Duo to his ex-girlfriend. He shared his memories of when he used to listen to the same music when she left her.

He still hopes to meet the girl of his dreams one day. He wants someone who likes to read to help others, and not to mention that she should support J and only think about him.

Because of the cultural differences in Korea, pop artists do not talk much about their dating lives, and they are not questioned much by the Korean media. 

Whenever asked about their love life by American media or talk show hosts, they either find it easy to answer or simply try to avoid the question. 

So, after looking at the dating history of the famous K-Pop group, it is clear that none have made any public announcements about their relationships since they got together.

If you are a BTS fan like me, I know you are waiting patiently to get the news of any of the boys dating someone publicly. And all we can do is wait until the band reveals their love life.

bts ideal girlfriend
Source: Instagram@biasnamjoon.ot7

FAQs About BTS Girlfriends In Real Life

Why don’t BTS members open up about their relationships?

 The Korean media industry never enquired about the love life of the famous K-Pop sensations as it is strictly prohibited by the South Korean Pop industry. 
They do not allow their artist to date in public. The pieces of information that we have about their secret dating have no excellent sources. 
It is based on rumors or fans’ assumptions. Like when V was dating Luna, he used to post pictures on Instagram using the phrase “HI Luna.” Which made the fans think that they were probably in love.

Why don’t BTS members date?

The answer may be very personal, and everyone has their own opinion, but sources say that they are busy focusing on their careers and spend most of their time working and traveling. 
According to the group, they still do not seem lonely and enjoy the company of each other very much.

Every time the BTS is interviewed on an American show, one question that always comes up is, do they have girlfriends?

And most of the time, they simply smile and find some creative way to answer the question or ignore it in a very polite manner. 

In the year 2018, the BTS band was on The Ellen Show. When Ellen asked who had a girlfriend in the group, none replied, and everyone was smiling.

This shows that they always pass over this question in the best possible manner.

So I think that the world and yes that includes the ARMYs won’t really get to know who BTS is dating until they are ready to reveal it themselves!

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