who is lisa blackpink dad

Who Is Lisa Blackpink Dad | And Where Is Her Biological Father?

We all love Lisa from Blackpink! But who is Lisa Blackpink dad? Is he rich? Find out all in my article below!

With Blackpink being one of the most famous all-girl bands till date in the history of K-pop music, I’m pretty certain that almost everybody knows Lisa!

Lisa is one of the four band members, who is not just known for her singing but even better known  for her super amazing rapping skills. 

She has multiple achievements to her credit apart from just making music from brand endorsements, to fashion, to philanthropy and of course being nominated and winning many titles both individually and also along with her group at multiple award shows.

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who is lisa blackpink father
Source: Instagram @pinks_ot4

Do you often wonder who raised this multi-talented personality, who is super gorgeous and internally renowned? Who are Lisa’s parents?

Well, check out this article to find out all the details you need to know about Lisa and her parents!

Who is Lisa Blackpink Dad 

What do you need to know about Lisa from Blackpink?

Lisa, born as Lalisa Manoban is a 25 year-old Thai rapper, singer and dancer who moved to South Korea at the age of 14 and has lived there ever since. 

She is an active member of the world-famous all-girl band Blackpink, alongside her fellow bandmates – Jisoo, Jennie and Rose. 

She joined the band in 2016 and that’s when they made their debut. The band Blackpink is formed under the company YG Entertainment.

is lisa blackpink rich
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Lisa had also made her solo debut back in 2021 with her single album ‘Lalisa’. 

The album was a total hit and sold over a 700,000 copies within just a week after its release in South Korea itself and Lisa became the very first female artist to achieve this feat. 

Her music video named ‘Lalisa’ became the most-viewed music video ever in 24-hours by a solo artist, on YouTube as it garnered over 70 million views within just 24 hours of its release.

lisa blackpink father passed away
Source: Instagram@ _lalisamn

She is known to have many feathers in her cap in terms of her many achievements which include becoming the most followed Instagram K-Pop Idol in April of 2019, amassing over 17.4 million followers back then. 

In April 2021, she also became the first K-Pop Idol and the only K-Pop Idol to garner 50 million followers on Instagram.

marco bruschweiler age
Source: Instagram @ chitthipbruschweiler

She became MAC Cosmetics’ first ever female K-Pop idol to become their Global brand ambassador. Apart from this she has partnered with many other brands in the fashion and makeup industry.

Lisa has been nominated for and has won many awards which include ‘Song of the Year’, ‘Top 20 Songs of the Year’ and ‘Top 20 Albums of the Year’ for her song ‘Lalisa’ in the Asian pop Music Awards 2021, apart from over 20 other nominations and wins during the course of her career.

Lisa is also known to be a philanthropist and has made several donations to various organizations.

What do we know about Lisa’s Mom?

While there may be a lot of information going around on the internet about Lisa’s dad, there may be hardly any information about Lisa’s mom, even though she is the mother of one of the world’s most famous K-Pop Idols. 

Well, this is because Lisa’s mom is someone with a reserved personality and doesn’t like being seen too often in the limelight and we can definitely respect that right?

lisa blackpink parents
Source: Instagram @ lalisa_cin5080

Also, she is not too active on her social media accounts either, but has been spotted appearing on television shows along with her daughter Lisa.

She has also been a big source of support and encouragement to Lisa as both she and her husband have attended many of Lisa’s concerts and performance shows in the past. 

Apart from this, we do know a little bit of personal information about Lisa’s mom, so here it is.

lisa blackpink mom
Source: Instagram @ chitthipbruschweiler

Lisa’s mother’s name is Chitthip Bruschweiler who was married to Lisa’s biological father, whose name is not revealed as their relationship was short-lived and ended some time after Lisa was born in 1997. 

This is when Lisa’s mother Chitthip was known to have married Lisa’s step father, Swiss Chef Marco Bruschweiler (all information revealed below), when Lisa was just a few years old and as a couple they raised Lisa. 

She has always been the apple of her parents’ eyes as she is known to be an only child. Lisa also says that it was her mother who let her attend dance lessons when she was younger.

Is Lisa parent Korean
Source: Instagram @ chitthipbruschweiler

Another interesting fact we know about Lisa’s mother is that she is an amazing cook. Lisa is known to simply love the food her mother makes for her. 

Considering the fact that Lisa’s dad is a chef and her mother is one who loves cooking too, it looks like Lisa’s parents definitely had something in common in their reason for falling in love with each other and eventually getting married.

Who is Lisa Manoban’s Biological Dad?

While very little information is out there about Lisa’s mother, it is not the same in the case of Lisa’s step father Marco Bruschweiler. 

Even though he likes to lead a rather private life and is also, just like his wife, not active on his social media account, the fame he gained after becoming a world-renowned Chef has brought him to the limelight.

So check out all the information you need to know about Lisa’s super supportive father Marco Bruschweiler.

marco brüschweiler lisa dad

Lisa’s stepfather Marco Bruschweiler is a world-famous Chef who is now in his early 60’s. He is the stepfather of Lisa and not Lisa’s biological dad. 

Unfortunately, there is no information revealed about Lisa’s biological father as he was never in the picture as Lisa was raised only by her mother, along with her stepfather Marco Bruschweiler.

Marco Bruschweiler is a renowned Swiss Chef and also a business consultant in the food industry.  

He is known to have done his studies in the Swiss Hotel Management School and graduated from the same institution thereafter in 1989. The Swiss Hotel Management School has a motto to “develop leaders for the global hospitality industry” and it is quite obvious that they do so, as Marco Bruschweiler is now an internally renowned chef. 

The Swiss Hotel Management School is ranked as the 3rd best school for hospitality in the world and has a 2nd ranking for the best school for hospitality in Switzerland.

lisa real father photo
Source: Instagram @ blackpink_x_ellagross

He is often called as “Master Chef Marco” or as “Super Chef Marco”. He is well-known to have specialized in Thai cuisine and turns out super delicious food, especially Thai delicacies. 

Marco has also been known to have organized world-wide food festivals for Thai food, vegetarian food and also food of Swiss culture.

Over the years, Marco Bruschweiler grew in popularity and fame for his hand at cooking and turning out mouth-watering food and was also awarded the “Global Master Chef” title, by the World Association of Chefs.

lisa and her biological father
Source: Instagram @ blackpink_x_ellagross

He started out his career at ‘Sun City’, a casino and luxury resort in South Africa, located in its North West Province and further on, he moved to Thailand and worked in many luxury hotels in Bangkok as a chef.

A lot of people often want to know whether Lisa gets to eat some of her dad’s extremely delicious dishes and delicacies. 

Well, we know about one such instance where Lisa’s dad treated her to caviar topped cookies that are super expensive as the caviar used is of a species called sturgeon, which is sold at over $8,000 for just a kilogram! Looks like Marco does pamper his daughter after all!

Lisa’s dad has always been super supportive!

16 Fun Facts about Lisa Manoban that you didn’t know

  •  Lisa’s birth name is in fact not Lisa or Lalisa, it is Pranpriya Manobal.
  •  Her zodiac sign is Aries, as she is born in March and her Chinese zodiac sign is the animal ox.
  •  Since Lisa was born in Thailand, she did not know how to speak Korean at first (as she moved to Korea only when he was 14) and learnt Korean later on once she began her career.
  •  At present Lisa knows over three languages, which include fluency in Thai, Korean and English along with a little bit of Japanese and Chinese as well.
  •  She trained for over 5 years at YG Entertainment before she officially joined Blackpink.
  •  She loves to dance and is often called as the “happy pill” of Blackpink.
  •  Lisa has a few “hidden” talents including knowing how to box and playing of two musical instruments – the ukulele and also the guitar.
  •  Lisa is known to dislike dieting as her parents are excellent cooks. She loves eating French fries and her favourite flavour of cake is Red Velvet. 
  •  She loves eating Japanese food including sushi, tempura and don.
  •  Her favourite dish to cook is Pad Thai.
  •  Before becoming a singer and rapper, when she was younger, Lisa aspired to become a flight attendant and a dance instructor.
  •  Lisa suffers from a sleep disorder called ‘sleep paralysis’.
  •  Her dream is to go skydiving one day.
  •  Lisa learnt and started to rap only when she was a trainee.
  • Lisa says that she loves to shop online.
  •  Her dream as a child was to become a model. (Well, she pretty much is, isn’t she?)

The final takeaway

Well, we now know who the parents of Lisa are and it sure looks like they did a super amazing job at being parents as they have raised a great human being with a multi-talented and down-to-earth personality. 

Someone who is loved by so many people world-wide!

Lisa’s parents have always been seen encouraging Lisa and supporting her along her journey and they have been spotted on social media attending and appearing on various television shows along with Lisa and have also surprised her multiple times. 

In 2018, they even appeared on the television show ‘Blackpink House’. 

Well, it clearly shows how much Lisa is loved by her parents and I’m sure both her parents are extremely proud of her!

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