Who Is The Richest Member Of Blackpink

Who Is The Richest In Blackpink 2023 | Net Worth Of Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo And More

Who is the richest in Blackpink Kpop group? Who is the second and third richest in Blackpink? Know more about the net worth of Blackpink right here!

The world of K-pop has been fast growing in recent times and it is no secret that Blackpink, the all-girl band is definitely a well-known and popular name heard worldwide this Korean girl band is also known to be the greatest girl group in Korean music industry.

Blackpink members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa are very much loved by their fans, who call themselves “Blinks” and are also well-known and popular singers worldwide!

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The group made their debut in the year 2016 and have been taking the music industry by storm ever since. Blackpink is known to be the first-ever Korean girl band to make their entry into Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart.

Blackpink has been breaking many records ever since their debut and the girls are earning very well for themselves both as a band and individually through brand endorsements and advertisements apart from just music.

I’m sure a lot of you guys out there wondering who is the highest-earning member and richest among the four girls. Well, this article has ranked the girls in the order of their estimated net worths.

Members Of BlackpinkTotal Net WorthAge (as of 2022)
Lisa$10-12 million24 Years
Jennie$10 million26 Years
Jisoo$8-10 million27 Years
Rose$8-10 million24 Years

Who Is The Richest In Blackpink 2022

Number 1: Lisa (Lalisa Manoban)

Lisa, the 24 year-old Thai rapper, singer, and dancer based in South Korea is known to be the richest among the members with an estimated net worth of USD $10-12 million. She is known to be the youngest member of her band Blackpink.

Lisa’s net worth credits her successful music career apart from the multiple brand endorsements and other projects and advertisements she does.

Lisa has also made significant contributions and charitable donations including donating ฿ 100,000 to the Thai provinces affected by the floods, in 2019.

Lisa became the most followed K-pop idol on Instagram in 2019 and is also known to be the most followed K-pop idol of all time.  

She has won multiple awards including the ‘Song of the Year’ Award for her solo ‘Lalisa’ in 2021, at the Asian Pop Music Awards, in addition to the ‘Artist Award’ for female solo in 2021 at the Hanteo Music Awards to add to her 6 other awards and multiple nominations at other award shows.

Lisa’s recent solo debut called ‘Lalisa’ boosted the growth of her net worth after its release in September 2021. 

Within just a week of its release, the album sold over 700 thousand copies in South Korean earning the title of being the very first female Korean artist to achieve this feat. 

The official music video got over 73 million views on YouTube within just 24 hours of its release.

This garnered her another title of her music video becoming the most-viewed music within a span of 24 hours on YouTube achieved by a solo artist, entering her into the Guinness World Records for both these achievements.

Even Forbes magazine lists Lisa as the most successful Kpop artist in the past decade owning to the success of her debut album.

Number 2: Jennie (Jennie Kim)

who is the second richest in blackpink
Source: Instagram@jennierubyjane

The South Korean singer and rapper, 26 year-old Jennie ranks second in terms of estimated net worth with USD $10 million. 

She made her debut with the band in 2016 and went on to make her solo debut as an artist in 2018 with her first single called ‘Solo’, after which she gained even more worldwide popularity as her song topped the Gaon Digital Chart and Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart.

Jennie also does several brand endorsements and is the face of many companies including Hera, KT Corporation, Lotte Confectionery and many more.

Jennie is also well-known for her taste in fashion and was chosen as the model for the brand Chanel, Korea. 

She also attended her first fashion show by Chanel as the representative from Korea during the Paris fashion Weea k, alongside other celebrities like Pharrell Williams and Pamela Anderson.

Jennie has won the ‘Song of the Year’ Award in 2019 at the Gaon Chart Music Awards, the ‘Best Digital Song’ Award in 2019 at the Golden Disc Awards and the ‘Starlight Hall of Fame’ Award in 2021 at the Weibo Starlight Awards.

The rapper and singer is also into philanthropy and has been a part of the Cheongdam Woori Animal’s Hospital campaign since 2018, created to protect pets and rescue abandoned dogs.

Jennie is also known to be the second most followed K-pop idol on Instagram, after her fellow bandmate Lisa.

Number 3: Jisoo (Kim Ji-soo)

The oldest among the Blackpink members at 27, Jisoo, South Korean singer and actress, has an estimated net worth of USD $8 –10 million. 

She was ranked as the 10th most popular K-pop idol in 2018 and 17th in 2019, as per a survey conducted by Gallup Korea. She is known to be the third most followed K-pop Idol on Instagram as of the 2021 statistics.

Jisoo owes most of her net worth to her successful singing career, apart from her acting career alongside doing brand endorsements and advertisements including brand endorsing ‘Kiss me’ ‘it MICHAA’ and also modelled for the Korean brand ‘CELEBe’. 

She is also a local ambassador for Dior’s Cosmetics and the main model for Cartier’s digital projects.

Alongside singing Jisoo has also started off her career in acting in 2021 after starring as the lead actress in the Joongang Tingyang Broadcasting Company’s (JTBC) drama called ‘Snowdrop, an ongoing South Korean romance and melodrama TV Series.

She has also played cameo roles in three other television series ‘The Producers’ (2015), ‘Part-Time Idols’ (2017) and ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ (2019).

In addition to her many achievements, Jisoo has also won the ‘Starlight hall of Fame’ Award in 2021 at the Weibo Starlight Awards. She has also hosted ‘Inkigayo’, the South Korean music programme alongside Jinyoung (from the boy band Got7) and Doyoung (from the boy group NCT).

Jisoo also appears in several advertisements for various brands like ‘Samsonite’, ‘Nikon’, ‘LG Electronics’ and ‘Smart Uniform’.

Number 4: Rosé (Roseanne Park)

The 24 year-old, New Zealand born South Korean based singer and dancer is estimated to have a net worth of USD $8 –10 million, similar to that of her fellow bandmate Jisoo. Even though Rosé was the last member to be revealed among the four, she is very much loved by her fans, the Blinks.

Rosé made her debut with Blackpink alongside her fellow bandmates, back in 2016, but went on to make her solo debut in 2021 with her single album ‘R’, which sold over 400 thousand copies within its first week of release, making it the highest sale for a female Korean artist. 

The single ‘R’ also garnered over 40 million views on YouTube within 24 hours of its release getting her to break Psy’s 8 year long record for the most viewed South Korean music video by a solo artist in 24 hours.

Rosé’s lead single ‘On the Ground’ topped the Billboard Global 200, while at the same time entered South Korea’s top 10.

Apart from her successful singing career, which she credits her valuable net worth to, Rosé also credits her success to the several brand endorsements she has done with brands like ‘Kiss Me’, alongside her fellow bandmate Jisoo. 

She has also modeled for the brand ‘OIOICOLLECTION’ in August 2021.

Rosé was named the global ambassador for the brand Yves Saint Laurent in 2020 by Anthony Vaccarello, becoming the brand’s very first global ambassador in 59 years! 

Thereafter, in 2021, she also because the muse for the beauty brand Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. Rosé also became the newest global ambassador of the brand ‘Tiffany and Co’ in 2021.

She has many achievements to her credit and she is one among the 10 most followed Korean individuals on Instagram.

She has won many awards including the ‘Best Music Video’ Award in 2021 at the Asia Pop Music Awards, the ‘International revelation’ Award in 2021 at the BreakTudo Awards in addition to her five other awards.

Blackpink Net Worth In Total

While each of the individual members of the popular girl band Blackpink are worth in millions, their band is known to have a combined worth of over USD $34 million!

The group made their debut back in 2016 with their single album called ‘Square One’ and has been an internet sensation ever since then. 

Their single album featured the songs ‘Whistle’ and ‘Boombayah’ which was their very first number-one entry on the South Korean Gaon Digital Chart and the Billboard Word Digital Song Sales chart.

Blackpink is known to be the highest-charting female Korean act on Billboard Hot 100 peaking at number 13 with their song ‘Ice Cream.

And also peaking at number 2 on Billboard 200, was their album ‘The Album’, the very first ever album by a Korean girl group which entered top Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart.

Blackpink have broken multiple records including setting the record for becoming the most-viewed music video with the first 24 hours of its release for their music videos ‘Kill This Love’ (2019) and ‘How You Like That’ (2020), also setting two Guinness World Records for the same feat.

Who is the richest in Blackpink?

According to most sources, Lalisa is the richest member of Blackpink with a net worth of $10 million US Dollars. She is closely followed by Rose with a net worth of $9 million US Dollars. Jisoo is also pretty loaded as she was the richest member of Blackpink before debut. 

The final takeaway on the richest members of Blackpink

Well, it’s no secret that Lisa is currently the richest among the members of the girl band Blackpink, but I’m sure you’ll have to check up in a couple of months because the other members aren’t too far away in terms of their net worths.

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