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7 Top Reasons Why Korean Culture Is Popular Worldwide

This is pretty obvious but Korean culture has spread like wildfire. Whether it is pop, fashion, entertainment or just the celebrity base, Korea is right there on the prime. 

The ‘Wave’ as they call it has become so significant and widespread that they have a term for it. 

It is called ‘Hallyu’ which is a Chinese term which literally translates to ‘Korean wave’ and has been used in Korea ever since. 

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It is easy for us to look at the Korean artists or known figures and think how perfect they are! 

There is a sense of coordination or revolution, if you will, that have taken over the world by appearing so significant.

In this article, we are going to delve into the reasons why Korean culture is popular.

Why is Korean culture so popular? 

korean cultural dance

Americans have always been pretty great in spreading their culture and ideas through their art and other forms and it has been integrated in all parts of the world. So did Japan at a point.

And then came Korea which made a massive sweep in absolutely a minimal time frame. 

Though it did not just start out abruptly, it started with art, music and the beauty industry. Each of these forms started slowly seeping into the rest of the world. 

The main reasons why each of these segments effortlessly made it into the rest of the world is because they did not try to be influenced by any other culture. 

They started a revolution of their own. With their own styles and themes which were etched in people’s minds. 

It was easy for the rest of the world to grasp the fact that Korean culture was a separate thing altogether. 

Travel Ban Lifted 

The ban from outsiders travelling to Korea was lifted which was a paving way for people to come and experience the culture. 

Exploring the country actually allows you to see more than needed and completely understand the pulse of the culture. 

Tourists in korea

While it paved the way for foreigners to come to Korea, it also allowed Koreans to go into the Western world and spread the Hallyu. 

The reason we think it has spread so far and wide is because of how unique it is and how attractive the impact is on the Westerners. 

The spread of culture includes art, music and fashion as well. 

Like we mentioned each of these segments are special in their own way. 

Korean Movies

This is no surprise but the Korean film industry has taken the world by storm. With hits following one after another it is important to give the industry the credit for perpetuating the Korean 


Korean movies on netflix

The Korean films have shown the world the culture that has been maintained in the country and the mannerisms that are followed by Koreans collectively. 

This is the reason there are so many Korean words that are just out there which are recognised by people far and wide. 

korean movie actress popular

Here are some movies that are popular. 

Treeless mountain 
Secret sunshine
The king and the clown
Peppermint candy
The wailing 
Memories of murder 

The reason why all the movies have an English title is so that it caters to the Western audience. That’s how far and wide it was expected and has managed to reach. 

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Korean Music 

The Korean music industry is shooting up for a while because of the boy bands and the influence they have on youngsters now. 

They have become idols in every way and have perpetuated style. 

BTS is one of the most happening boy bands in the world now with millions of followers as a fan base.

korean boy bands 1

The songs, in spite of being in Korean, have managed to reach out to people all over the world. The 7 member band has reached out to people with their unique way of presenting songs. 

But they’re not the only ones that are noteworthy, here are some others that are doing popularly in India. 

  • EXO 
  • Wanna one 
  • NCT 
  • Monsta X 
  • Astro 
  • Stray kids 
  • Black pink 

Like the boy bands, the girl bands also have an equally big influence on how Korean girls carry themselves. 

It is definitely a huge impact on the beauty industry in Korea. They have managed to perpetuate some noteworthy styles. 

Korean Beauty Industry 

The Korean beauty industry knows what it’s doing when it comes to beauty. Just look at those flawless skin Koreans have. 

korean skincare products

The ingredients used in the Korean cosmetics are to slowly serve the condition of the skin and slow down the aging process which is an important factor that is seldom seen in other cosmetics. 

The Western world has begun to endorse some really successful Korean cosmetics that have been doing really well in Korea. 

Besides consuming healthy food that caters to the skin;’s health, cosmetics are a real win situation. 

Another reason why the beauty industry does so well among everyone is that they know how to market their products into the world and give you the best experience. 

They do not push their products to their potential customers but show them that they are effective with their own skin. 

Here are some of the best Korean skincare brands. 

Banila Co
Dear Klairs
Dr. Jart 
Etude House 
The Face Shop
Skin Food 

We assure you that these beauty brands will not disappoint you with the quality they promise with the condition of the skin 

Here are some of the other factors why the Korean culture has been perpetuated so far and wide. 

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Multicultural Capital City

Now if you are a tourist, this topic should be interesting to you on so many different levels.

But the capital of Korea, which is Seol is one of the major reasons why Korea is popular. 

Seol is vast and has a varied culture to it when compared to the rest of Korea.

nightlife in seouls

With futuristic and innovative buildings in the city, the infrastructure of the place has a commanding presence which incites interest in tourists and entrepreneurs. 

What we love about Seol is the design that the whole city maintains religiously. It has a very 


If you are someone who has been watching Korean movies and series for a long time, you would know that the language is something that could attract someone who knows very little about the country itself. 

Korean language alphabets

The Korean language is known to have a very subtle and respectful tone to it which makes it hard not to yearn to learn the language when we have the chance. 

We feel that there are many who have started their quest to master the language after having the opportunity to witness their films and series. 

Interesting Mannerisms

The Korean culture has some of the most respectful mannerisms that keeps you polite at all times. 

Korean culture and family

Whether it is the gestures or the verbal conversations, they have a very constructed way of addressing each other. 

Here are some noteworthy mannerisms that are popular and strictly followed across the country. 

Addressing one another with the family name. 

how names work in korea

The family name of people in Korea comes before their actual name which requires everyone to address each other with the surname. 

Unless you very well know the person you are about to address, it is impolite to address them with the first name. 

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Physical gestures

This might come as a surprise to a lot of westerners but touching another person to greet them is considered impolite and inappropriate unless you have a strong connection with the other person.

how korean men show affection

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Passing objects with both hands 

This is a unique one. If you have to pass an object to a Korean who you barely know, make sure you do it with both hands and not just one. 

It is considered a lack of etiquette if only one hand is used. 

Stretching legs 

Younger people are not allowed to stretch their legs in front of their elders as it displays a lack of discipline and education in the Korean culture. 

This is something that is strictly forbidden and is frowned upon. 

does korean age apply to foreigners

While these mannerisms help tame the youngsters, it also displays the wonderful culture that the country so strongly upholds without compromising on the intensity of each of them. 

We love that the Koreans keep these in high regards and follow them wherever they go.

FAQs about Korean Culture

Why has Korean beauty become so popular?

One of the biggest exports of Korean culture is Korean skincare. The K-beauty style of makeup incorporates natural ingredients and focuses on creating healthy skin while providing concealer, blush, mascara, lipstick and other cosmetics that are flattering to the face.
K-pop also has a big influence on this lifestyle – both in terms of fashion and music. K-pop stars typically have perfect looks that are often featured in magazine covers and online articles. As a result, people who are obsessed with Korean culture might become want to learn more about the history behind this craze as well as how to get similar flawless results at home.

What is person obsessed with Korean culture called?

When it comes to Korean culture, there are many people who are obsessed with it. This may include those who Just love the language and dialect, those who are fascinated by the history and customs, or even just fans of K-Pop or K-Drama. To classify someone as an “obsessed” person about Korean culture would probably be a bit excessive though! But the people who do take things too far are called “Koreaboos”.

In conclusion, the Korean culture is meant to be noticed and given appraisal for how well it has perpetuated around the world. 

They have managed to tick off every box when it comes to art, fashion and beauty. 

Korean culture has been the fastest growing trend around the world and we hope we have addressed the various reasons in our article. 

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