why korean girls are so pretty

Why Korean Girls Are So Pretty | Korean Beauty Standards And Secrets

It is no surprise why Korean girls are so pretty. I mean look at the exquisite features! And not to mention the flawless skin texture. 

Mistaking a mid-aged woman to be a teenager is not just a flattering misconception anymore. 

People internationally have started to probe further into the skin condition to learn the beauty secrets that are deeply followed by Korean women. 

First of all, the Korean beauty industry is flourishing around the world and that has served them in the best sense. 

But is that all? 

We have dug deep into the beauty secrets that Korean women follow or the lifestyle that they follow to bring out the flawless beauty.

We hope this article will help you understand why Korean girls are so pretty.

Why Korean Girls Are So Pretty

Korean Skin Care Routine 

The korean skin care has reached far and wide with its effectiveness and the range of products that they have to offer. 

Unlike many of us that just jumble up the process of exfoliation, moisturising and whatnot according to our convenience, the Korean skincare involves a disciplined method which tends to the working of the skin. 

Let us take you through the right skin care, the Korean skincare! 

Double Cleansing

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After a long day with exposure to dust and pollutants, your skin is sure to look dull and weary. 

And if you go to bed with just a surface clean up, the embedded pollutants are going to act up and cause further damage to the skin. 

Not removing your makeup or the dust off of your skin is one of the major reasons for skin damage. 

The Korean way involves multi step cleansing which is a pretty popular notion that has been spread about the Koreans. But this is the main reason Korean girls have such flawless skin. 

Removing Makeup 

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This is quite obvious but worth stressing on. It is no surprise that Korean girls are obsessed with makeup and most girls wear it every day. It is an inevitable part of their appearance. 

After a long day, using a good makeup remover can go a long way into removing the chemicals off your face so that your face is devoid of those products. 

Korean girls have the concept of glass skin which involves the surface of their skin appearing shiny and glossy. 

This will not be possible if they slept with makeup or skipping to wash their face! 

Gentle Cleanser 

korean skincare routine

A cleanser goes a long way into prepping your pores for some goodness. If you have clogged pores or impurities embedded within them, your skin is up for a ride! 

Cleansing is one of the first steps into ensuring that does not happen and to keep them nourished and clean at all times. 

Koreans take this very seriously and that is why you find the most efficient cleansing products in the K market. 

The Korean skincare market is such that there are products that board well with a certain skin type and treat it accordingly. 


Exfoliation must be the key to Korean skincare and works the best with women of all skin types. 

The exfoliation process differs with the skin condition and is as strong as the condition of the skin. 

Korean girls have the smoothest and clearest skin and the credit for this goes to those amazing exfoliators, without a doubt! 

Exfoliation is an important part of Korean skincare and allows the skin to appear fresh and in good condition at all times. 

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Face Massaging

why korean girls are so pretty

An underrated process but works wonders! 

Massaging the face is a common phenomenon for Korean girls to activate the facial muscles while also doing a face lift. 

Have you ever noticed how Korean women age slowly! 

Well now you know the secret. It’s a compilation of a lot of things with a face massage which does not even require a product! 

Crystal face massagers give you a good face lift without allowing it to sag or wrinkle quickly. Fine lines can be avoided with face massages and Koreans abide by it. 


Person Applying Hand Cream

This step explains the glossy surface that Korean girls exude! 

Korean moisturisers have the best ingredients to nourish the skin and give you the right kind of hydrating the skin. 

I think it is safe to say that Korean girls fear dry skin and they have the right tools at their disposal to keep it shiny. 

Korean girls are very particular about moisturising skin and keeping the surface of the skin hydrated at all times. 

There are so many moisturisers that have just the right ingredients that are capable of nourishing your skin and keeping it hydrated all day. 

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Hyaluronic Acid 

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This is one ingredient which is common in almost most of the Korean products which is a hydrating agent keeping the skin intact. 

Breakouts are extremely rare when this ingredient is part of your skincare routine. Your skin will have a firm and toned texture. 

Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin in the best form and slows down aging to a greater extent. 

Snail Mucin 

Before you say ‘yikes’, this is one of the unpopularly effective ingredients contributing to the wellbeing of your skin. 

It includes vitamins, hyaluronic acid and a lot of other nutrients which keeps the skin looking ravishing. 

The soothing effect that this has keeps the skin cooled down and not prone to irritation and redness. 

Snail mucin is a great agent to heal sensitive skin from the aftermath of a strong ingredient. 


Collagen keeps the skin intact and does not allow it to wear. 

This particular protein is a great anti-aging ingredient which firms the skin and allows it to look youthful –  a choice which keeps most Korean women looking so young!

There are a ton of serums which have collagen as the primary ingredient which are used to a great extent on a regular basis. 

Using collagen based products on a regular basis does not allow sagging of the skin or wrinkles and fine lines.

Using Sunblock 

Korean girls do not miss out one wearing sunscreen! 

why korean have glass skin 2

Protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun is extremely important in caring for your skin and keeping it looking youthful. 

Missing out on wearing sun block can be a hazard to the condition of the skin and can make it look weary and tired. 

Besides the common ingredients and habits that Korean girls follow, there are factors that go into why beauty is such an integral part of Korean culture, especially for women. 

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Why is beauty so important in Korean culture? 

The popularity of Korean celebrities, actors, and other K pop artists has really set the benchmark for a lot of beauty standards that regular Korean girls start following. 

This is the reason why there is a common look that is maintained and looked up to. 

The Korean beauty norms have surely spread far and wide which has even instigated certain devotees to opt for plastic surgery. 

Like we all know, plastic surgery is a very common practice in Korea and is practiced very normally unlike the rest of the world. All in the name of beauty! 

The freedom to want to look however you’d like is a privilege and Korea has normalised it. 

what is considered beautiful in korea

What is considered beautiful in Korea? 

The facial care is the most tended to in Korea with the above mentioned elaborate skincare routine that has become extremely popular with Korean girls as testimonials to that notion!

Having flawlessly smooth skin is what is considered beautiful in Korea. 

Besides this Korean women do have a passion for makeup.

And not to mention how much the Korean makeup industry is thriving as much as the other products of skin care are. 

Why do Koreans have good skin?

The biggest reason why Korean girls seem so pretty is because of their flawless, glass-like skin. There are many reasons why Korean women have good skin, some of them being:

  • Korean women invest in their skincare from a young age. Which means they start using face masks, serurms, creams, etc. from their late teen years itself.
  • There is an emphasis on using sunscreen to prevent wrinkles, tanning, etc. This helps mitigate a lot of UV damage
  • Korean skincare combines the technological advances in Korea’s beauty sector with the country’s traditional medicine to create effecitve beauty products (such as products with snail mucin, rice water, and other unconventional ingredients).
  • Korean cuisine is also responsible for the flawless skin Koreans have. The food is rich in antioxidants and probiotics. A good example of this is kimchi, green tea, etc.

Besides all these reasons, Korean girls have an exotic heritage and have beautiful inborn features which makes them stand out from the rest of the world. 

But how they maintain it is something else that deserves to be looked at and highlighted. 

It is with utmost care that they tend to their skin needs and this has served to be an example to women everywhere else. 

The Korean beauty industry has always been the saving grace for women everywhere and the women have been a living proof to that statement. 

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