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Yang Hyun Suk Love Story | CEO Of YG Entertainment Relationships Explained

Learn about Yang Hyun Suk love story. The music executive revealed in an attempt to open up about his romantic relationship with his wife Lee Eun-ju made a series of statements that ignited the netizens. Here’s everything you need to know. 

For those who heard this name for the first time, Yang Hyun Suk was the CEO of YG Entertainment which is one of the most established South Korean record labels.

He was part of the music group Seo Taiji and Boys around the 1990s and began his entrepreneurial journey only after their group disbanded. 

His wife Lee Eun-ju was a former trainee in YG Entertainment and proceeded to become a member of the girl group Swi. T in 2002. Her musical journey came to a halt and presently she is the mother of two children Yang Seung Hyun and Yang Yoo-Jin. 

During a South Korean talk show ‘Healing Camp’, Yang Hyun Suk spoke in length about his relationship and the details marked the beginning of the controversy. 

Yang Hyun Suk Love Story

‘Healing Camp Interview’

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Yang Hyun Suk was the first featured guest of the show and he spoke about everything ranging from his career timeline to his secret relationship with Lee Eun-ju. 

He revealed about dating Lee Eun-ju for nine long years before marrying her. He further admitted to having a crush on her even three years before they began dating.

Despite Lee Eun-ju being a YG trainee, he knew of her being Lee Jae Jin’s sister who is a former Sechs Kies member. She was a minor in high school when he spotted her on television during a scene where she was doing the dishes and instantly knew that he liked her. 

They crossed paths again in 1997 when he recruited her to become a YG Entertainment trainee. She engaged as a musician in Swi. T but unfortunately, it was the only group under their banner that did not perform well. 

He mentioned how he did not want to lose her because she was his ideal type. He specified how his ideal was ‘short’ and ‘cute’. 

Yang Hyun Suk also spoke about the conflict of interest when it came to promoting Swi. T and how he refrained from doing so because it would have initiated an attack on his romantic interest in Lee Eun-ju. He could not endorse it impartially as the CEO and hence let it run its course. 

He then elaborated on how difficult it was to muster the courage to ask Lee out. He was nervous because of his position in the company and whether Lee would be fine about taking the plunge because it could backfire miserably. 

She eventually agreed to date him and their connection was organic. Since it was secretive, they could not make public appearances or engage in PDA and that disheartened Yang Hyun Suk initially. 

Their Rushed Marriage 

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Their relationship made the headlines only after the marriage and hence, he decided to speak more about it during his ‘Healing Camp Interview’. 

He spoke about how they didn’t have an official wedding ceremony because the relationship was kept under the wraps for so long, that they didn’t want an unbearable amount of attention. 

They didn’t want to follow the conventional style of celebrating milestones of their relationship. They felt uncomfortable about having a public ceremony and hence decided to skip it. 

It was also revealed that Lee Eun-ju conceived their first child out of wedlock and a low-key wedding could be attributed to the same reason as well. 

He defended himself by saying that he has always prioritized work, but after the news of her pregnancy, he became a devoted husband and chose her over everything. He also admitted to performing household chores and helping out in the kitchen like a regular chap. 

Public Reaction to these Revelations 

Social media was flooded with opinions on how they felt about their entire dynamic, and most of the fans were disappointed. 

They found Yang Hyun Suk’s affinity towards a sophomore girl while being a decade older to be disturbing and problematic. Some users even labeled him as a ‘pedophile’ and there was a pool of comments about objectifying a minor. 

People felt that there was something inherently wrong about terming his desire for a young girl as ‘romantic’. His vested interest in recruiting her as a trainee was also questioned. 

Certain probing remarks also questioned the circumstances of their marriage and if the pregnancy was just a ruse to get Lee to marry him. 

They were also concerned about how Yang Hyun Suk’s professional credibility could be affected by this. His company has backed several established groups like BLACKPINK, BIG BANG, IKON, and more, and he put everything at stake by associating with a young trainee who also aspired to be a musical artist. 

Some feel Yang Hyun Suk deliberately sabotaged Lee’s career to further his romantic interests and stay out of trouble. They attacked him for disregarding the growth of the other two artists who also debuted in Swi. T and how his reckless decisions might have affected their future. 

Lee Eun-ju was also subjected to negative comments because she felt she took the easy way out in life by marrying the rich CEO. 

The audience commented how beauty and a desirable physique were enough to secure a luxurious lifestyle like hers. The lack of zeal to push her musical career forward and not addressing how the relationship benefited her, made her a victim of trolls too.  

The reason behind Swi. T’s downfall

After this controversy surfaced, fans began to evaluate the real reason behind Swi. T being disbanded.

Yang Hyun Suk confessed how he refrained from encouraging the group because if his wife would have become more popular at the time, she would not have dated him and he would have lost her.

Despite the backlash over that comment being justified, there are a few other reasons why the band did not work out. 

This three-member group that also featured Naiyoung and Mihyun debuted in April 2002, the responses were disappointing. Many did not appreciate its striking similarities with the American three-member girl group TLC. 

The conceptualization of the video, setting as well as costumes did not feel original and fans made note of the same. They did not actively come up with better music or performances thereafter. 

Some also believed that it failed because of its wrong timing as it surfaced towards the end of K-Pop’s first wave. 

They thereafter took to YG’s official website and announced their disbandment. They went on record to say that the members were going through personal crises and hence this decision was made. 

Other Controversies Featuring Yang Hyun Suk

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Despite having launched the first generation of K-Pop Idols through his entrepreneurial venture, he could not protect himself from the wave of controversies. 

The artists under his banner were thoroughly scrutinized for the instances of substance abuse and activities concerning potential threats to their lives.

He was also charged with the allegation of providing sex workers to his potential investors in the pursuit of business expansion. However, he came on record and publicly denied these charges, and the investors also delivered similar statements. 

One of their artists Seungri who rose to fame as a member of BIGBANG was sentenced to 18 months in prison for engaging in sexual abuse and drug activities. 

He was immediately dispelled from the band as well as the agency, but it put YG and Yang’s management in a bad light. 

These controversies eventually led to him resigning from his position while he was going through a criminal trial for covering up Kim Han Bin’s illegal drug activities. 

FAQs About Yang Hyun Suk Love Story and Controversy

What happens to unsuccessful K-Pop Idols?

Once the Idols fail to bring in numbers, the agencies stop backing them up and eventually they become insignificant. They are eventually expelled from the industry and the chances of a comeback are bleak because a launch requires huge capital. If they debuted as a group, starting over as a single artist would also be extremely difficult. It is a harsh industry overall that seldom offers second chances. 

Can YG artists date each other? 

YG as a label has established a dating ban for all their artists to maintain a professional atmosphere, and to refrain from serving the consequences of failed relationships. Their group BLACKPINK confirmed the presence of these rules and revealed that they are not allowed to let loose. 

Final Thoughts about Yang Hyun Suk Love Story

This incident is a huge reminder of the consequences of mixing business with pleasure. 

Public figures like Yang Hyun Suk are respected for their position in the industry and hence need to be careful while making lewd statements concerning their private life. 

While the age gap or the secretive nature of the relationship would not have served any harm in isolation.

 A controversy like this disrupts the reputation of the agency as well as the security of the other female artists who are working for them.

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