Youngest Kpop Idols In The Industry Right Now

Youngest Kpop Idols In The Industry Right Now | Top Male Kpop Idols Under 20

It is no surprise that Kpop has taken over the entire world by storm. It is  one of the most popular genres of music trending at the moment. Almost everyone is infected with Kpop fever and absolutely adores their idols. 

What is even more interesting is the fact that band members begin training at a tender age, so you see so many young heartthrobs and good-looking Kpop idols. 

While most teenagers have a lot of homework to do, these icons simply have to juggle their musical careers and academics. 

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Without further ado, here are our top male Kpop idols who have successfully made a name for themselves and are simply thriving today

Youngest Kpop Idols In The Industry Right Now

1. Junghwan (Treasure)

Youngest Kpop Idols In The Industry Right Now
Source: junghwanworld

He was born on February 18, 2005 and is the youngest member of the popular Kpop group Treasure. He made his debut on August 7, 2020 along with the rest of his bandmates. 

His full name is So Jung Hwan and was only fifteen when he first made his debut. He loves playing games, listening to music, spending time with his family, exercising and dancing. 

Jungwhan started working as a model ever since he was a child and has also appeared in many commercials from the age of nine. This young heartthrob was also part of one of the K-Tigers and is great at acrobatics because of it.

2.Ni-ki (ENHYPEN)

Nishimura Riki was born on December 9, 2005 and is better known as Niki, the youngest member of Kpop group ENHYPEN. They were formed during I-LAND and have been melting hearts ever since. 

He was only fourteen when he competed on the show and is someone with a good sense of adventure, an honest heart and a lot of curiousity. 

Source: niki_.enhypen

What is fascinating is that he is originally from Japan and grew up dancing at the age of five. It is for this reason that he memorizes all his choreography and picks it up very quickly. 

3.Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

Hwang Hyun Jin was born on March 20, 2000 and belongs to one of the popular Kpop groups called Stray Kids. This idol made his debut on March 25, 2028 and was only eighteen years old. 

He is better known for his stage name-Hyunjin and is known to be very humble about his appearance. His dream was to become a soccer player and absolutely loves watching dramas and reading. 

Fun fact about this young cutie is that he loves coffee but just cannot seem to take it as it makes his face puffy and heart races.

4.Renjun (NCT)

Huang Renjun was born on Mar 23, 2000 and is a part of one of the biggest Kpop groups called NCT. He is actually a Chinese based singer and is the main vocalist for his group. 

Renjun (NCT)
Source: renjun_nct._

Renjun can speak both Chinese and Korean fluently and loves drawing and painting whenever he gets the chance. 

He loves Sci-fi movies like the Avengers and Avatar and loves eating a hot pot with shrimp balls, chicken and beef. This hottie has won many hearts all over.

5.Soobin (TXT)

Choi Soo Bin was born Dec 5, 2000 and is better known for his stage name Soobin. This  South Korean singer is the leader of the Kpop group TXT which comes under the Big Hit Entertainment. 

Soobin (TXT)
Source: Soobin (TXT)

Soobin made his debut in March 2019 and since then there has been no looking back. He loves his fans and even warned them about following strict diets that make them starve. 

A funny thing about this idol is how he is obsessed with almond milk and just can’t seem to have enough of it.

6.Win (MCND)

Bang Jun Hyuk was  born on  Dec 19, 2004, and is a part of popular Kpop group MCND under Top media. 

Better known as Win, he was only fifteen when he made his first debut with his group on february 27, 2020. He loves painting and is known for his special talent of moving his ears. 

Win (MCND)
Source: Win (MCND)

Win was a participant of the reality show Under Nineteen and always wanted to be a webtoon writer when he was a kid. He loves eating focaccia chips, fried chicken, tteokbokki, and pork belly.

7.Sanha (ASTRO)

Yoon Sanha  was  born on  Mar 21, 2000 and is the youngest member of kpop group Astro under Fantagio Entertainment. He made his first debut on February 23, 2016 and was a trainee at the young age of twelve under the Fantagio Entertainment where he trained hard for four years. 

Sanha has two older brothers and enjoys singing and playing the guitar. He is terrified of insects and bugs and is allergic to seafood. He is good friends with Daehwi of AB6IX and Sunwoo and Eric from The Boyz.

8.Woobin (CRAVITY)

Seo Woo Bin, is a popular South Korean singer known for his stage anime Woobin. He is a part of the boy band group Cravity under the  Starship Entertainment. 

He was a trainee in 2017 for three years before making his debut in April 2020 with Cravity. I find it quite how Woobin considers his nose to be a charming point and has both his ears pierced even though he doesn’t wear any earrings. He loves beatboxing and karaokes. 

Woobinwas inspired by TVXQ’s Mirotic to become a Kpop idol. He enjoys cooking and considers it a stress buster.

9.Chani (SF9)

Kang Chan Hee was born on Jan 17, 2000, better known for his stage name Chani.he is a dancer, singer and rapper and also the youngest member of his group SF9 under the  FNC Entertainment. 

Chani (SF9)
Source: Chani (SF9)

He was only sixteen  when he made his debut with SF9 on Oct 5, 2016. He enjoys playing the piano, drawing, watching movies and singing. 

Want to know a fun fact? He is the only band member born in the 2000s and also the shortest member with a height of 177 cm. he considers Taemin from SHINee as a role model. 

10.Jisung( NCT)

Park Ji Sung was born on Feb 5, 2002 and is a South Korean singer and member of NCT under SM Entertainment. he is known by his stage name Jisung. He was born in Seoul and is known for his incredible dancing skills. 

Jisung( NCT)
Source: Jisung( NCT)

His favorite sport is soccer and loves mint chocolate ice cream and avocados. He is the youngest member of the NCT dream and is known to have very big hands. He enjoys singing, dancing and rapping and his favorite artist is Kai from EXO.

11. Jinwoo (GHOST9)

Lee Jin Woo was born on September 13, 2004, and is a famous South Korean rapper and member of the Kpop group GHOST9 under Maroo Entertainment. He made his debut at the age of fifteen with the popular group TEEN TEEN on September 18, 2019. 

He then made his debut with  GHOST9 on September 23, 2020. His hobbies include singing, playing soccer and watching choreographies. 

Jinwoo has a baby face but is in fact very mature. He was a contestant of the show Produce X in 2019 and lost around thirteen pounds during this time.

12.Seongmin (CRAVITY)

Ahn Seong Min, was born on August 1, 2003 or better known as Seongmin, is a South Korean singer and the youngest member of popular Kpop boy band Cravity. he made his debut with them in April 2020. 

He considers his wink to be his charming gpoint and has a very innocent and pure look. He has two older brothers and his hobbies include watching movies and dramas. 

Another fun thing about this idol is that he loves yogurt and his favorite snack is haribo (gum candy). He looks up to Jaehyun from NCT as his role model. He can also draw beautifully and do calligraphy well.

13.Sungwon (1the9)

Park Sungwon was born on  December 18, 2003, and is better known for his stage name Won, is the youngest  member of Kpop group Ciipher since 2021 under the  Rain Company. 

He is also a  former member of 1the9. Sungwon made his debut with that group way back in April 2019. He was only seventeen when he made his debut with Cipher. He was also one of the winners on under Nineteen in 2018. The group 1the9 disbanded on August 8, 2020.

Kpop agencies usually recruit young idols when they are as young as ten years old before you see them debuting with a group. 

Although you may think this seems intense, these kids were born under the spotlight and it is the norm in the Kpop industry. 

We have compiled a list of male idols who debuted at a young age and are still very active in the industry.

With years of training, working out and prioritizing above everything else, this list of sweet, charismatic, cute Kpop idols under 20 have never failed to stun their fans with their incredible vocals, mesmerizing beauty and awesome dancing skills. 

Undoubtedly, these K-pop idols are not just crazy talented  but also hold bold and interesting  personalities. These top 13 male K-pop idols shortlisted in this post are the perfect example for it. Which one was your favorite? Comment and let us know.

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